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Marrying Weapon With Foe: Resistance 3

Gagan from Endlessbacklog writes on the creative ways Resistance 3 creates a synergy between the enemies of the game the weapons in the game. While going into great detail why the game is a forgotten gem that you should hunt down. (PS3, PS4, Resistance 3)

I was just thinking about doing a playthrough of this franchise again. Must be a sign :)

AS for what changed:

-Controls got tighter
-Weapons wheel was more refined
-Atmosphere got darker
-AI got smarter
-Pacing got smoother
-Boss battles were more epic
-Multiplayer was far superior

As a game R3 was the best of the bunch. Didn't really care for the story.
pwnsause_returns  +   273d ago
the story in R3 was awesome, just as good as the first.

the multiplayer though, meh...
BattleAxe  +   273d ago
The multiplayer was far superior? Did you play Resistance 2's 8 player co-op with match making? Did you play Resistance 2's 60 player online battles? Did you play Resistance: Fall of Man's 40 player matches? Resistance 3's multiplayer was a joke compared to the previous two games in the series.
PS3Freak  +   273d ago
I absolutely loved the co-op multiplayer in R2.

Best part of the whole series in my opinion.
SoapShoes  +   273d ago
No not really. It was still good, the 60 player battles were too crowded for the small maps imo. It was a cluster****... It was a shame they removed the 8 player co-op though. I wouldn't say R3's MP is superior though but on par.
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Yes I did play all that stuff and believe me it was epic. But I preferred the smaller maps in FOM like the bus yard. Lots of times the larger battles became too chaotic.
SoapShoes  +   273d ago
Don't forget that weapons actually upgraded in R3 ala Ratchet & Clank. Plus the weapons were way better. Mutator was my favorite.
hduce  +   273d ago
This series is begging for a remaster.
Mithan  +   273d ago
Resistance 1 was awesome. Resistance 2 not so much, I like 3 but never finished it.
retro_  +   273d ago
SP: 8/10
MP: 9/10

SP: 7/10
MP: 7/10
8 player Co-op: 9/10

SP: 9/10
MP: 8/10
farhsa2008  +   273d ago
My favourite franchise. I really would love a HD remaster for ps4

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