GTA V ships more than 34 million copies

Despite only releasing eleven months ago and upcoming current-gen releases coming later this year, Rockstar Games has managed to attain the figure.

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GarrusVakarian1387d ago

Such a behemoth of a franchise. Can't wait to double-dip on the PS4 version.

showtimefolks1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

yeh getting it day one on ps4 but this time taking my time and not just doing main story missions. Will really enjoy it

they shouldn't have wasted time on GTA online, and instead spent those resources into making more single player dlc, by now they should have released atleast 2 DLC packs

GTA sells because of its single player and all the crazy stuff you can do within the gaming world

3-4-51387d ago

I'm most likely in the minority, but I didn't like GTA5 that much. It was a little underwhelming considering the budget involved.

Tetsujin1383d ago

@ 3-4-5
I will say 5 is a much bigger improvement of 4, however ultimately I do agree as well. I still vote San Andreas and Vice City the top of the series.

mrpsychoticstalker1387d ago

I think the Xbox version will look better. Perhaps some exclusive dlc content. Uh Microsoft?

Hyper_Tension1401387d ago

Lol, keep dreaming.

If a game looks better on xbone, you know is the developers fault.

Chaoticmoon1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Holy F**k this is one of your worst XD

king_ps41387d ago Show
ThatEnglishDude1387d ago

Why would you want to limit people to such a great game by having exclusive content?

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Keith Olbermann1387d ago

I get about 1/3 of the way done in GTA games and then I put it down never to return....anyone else like that?

BitbyDeath1387d ago

I did with GTAIV cause it was boring.
GTAV though I already played through once and may even do so again on PS4.

Derekvinyard131387d ago

If I pay for any game, I'm getting through it no matter what

NukaCola1387d ago

I usually do everything in all the R* titles but GTA IV is still far from completed because the game just sucks.

GTgamer1387d ago

I will never complete GTA4 because of the depressing mood the game presents and it just bores me to death GTA 5 i finished because I enjoyed it but never beat it again I'll do it on the pS4 version now if R* does a remaster of ViceCity and San Andreas for PS4 I will buy it in a heartbeat.

LogicStomper1387d ago

So I'm not the only one who thought GTA4 looked depressing. I reckon it's the lighting and just the overall atmosphere of the map.

Bathyj1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I finished 1,2,3, VC SA and V. IV annoyed the crap out of me.

TheOnlyMastrx1387d ago

Chinatown Wars is the only one I have ever quit, I got it on DS before they made it for PSP. Beat 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, 4, and 5.

3 I played through like 6 times, 4 and 5 I did 3 times each I believe.

jocomat91387d ago

I am like that with all GTA games.

TheTowelBoy1387d ago

I beat it, then come back to it over the next several months just messing around/looking for cool things. Like a shark, messing with the shark, and the inevitable death by shark. Can't really count how many hours I've just spent running up to people, jumping, then doing that roll maneuver onto them :P it NEVER gets not funny lmao

easternbalboa1386d ago

Yep I have done that with all GTA games and all gran turismos

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hiredhelp1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

34 Million guess there be no layoffs at rockstar north then.
On serious note thats serious amount of cash earnt well done R* now bring on PC port next gen consoles.

Kran1387d ago

With big developers like that, 34 million is probably a disappointment for Rockstar...

Isn't that right Square Enix? ............


BitbyDeath1387d ago

So that is like 1 in 5 people who own a PS3 or 360 own this game.

That is unbelievable.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1386d ago

especially since it sold the same as Mario Kart Wii which is owned by 1/3 of Wii owners.

n4rc1387d ago

Lol.. Kinda puts our fanboy war into perspective..

This game sold more then this game or this game hit 2m etc.. Ya well... Gtav crushed every exclusive combined lol

gamerfan09091387d ago

34 million copies shipped is mind boggling. They're easily probably going to hit 40 with zero problems.

n4rc1387d ago

Could be... I know the game gets its fair share of critism but i absolutely loved it.. It deserves all the success it sees IMO.. I beat it and will probably still buy it again for my x1..

Minus gtao.. Of course.. Lol

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