Will Evolve Delay Mean a Release Date Reversal for The Evil Within?

Hardcore Gamer: Facing competition from Evolve, moving The Evil Within up a week was a smart move. Now that it no longer has to contend with it, however, it seems clear that the original October 14 is the optimal day for release.

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ValKilmer1170d ago

Bethesda must be kicking themselves today.

WeAreLegion1169d ago

Just release it when it's ready. I need sweet horror goodness! (And Costume Quest 2)

lunatic00011169d ago

I don't think evolve is gonna be a big hit since it relies on extreme teamwork which I tried at e3 and it was really need friends that you can trust and work together...that is where the game will sell well but its a game that I can see only a dedicated gamer buying....don't expect casual fps gamers to buy the game....can't wait for evil within

arkard1169d ago

I'm fine with that, we need more competitive fps that require teamwork and skill instead of lone wolf running and twitch reacting.

The_Infected1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )


"I don't think evolve is gonna be a big hit since it relies on extreme teamwork"

Have you played The Last of Us multiplayer? A very fine example of good teamwork to win.

lunatic00011166d ago

I have played it and its awesome but what I'm saying is that its not going to sell millions just for the fact that its designed to focus heavily in teamwork which is awesome because I'm tired of mindless shooters...even bf has become a mindless shooter

slinky1234561169d ago

If you have played TLOU mp you will know people will work together. Especially in the survivors game mode.

OUROSMAG1169d ago

I honestly think this gen just kicked off a year too early.

gamerfan09091169d ago

I have a love hate relationship with delays. To me if you're an elite software creator you should be able to meet your deadlines with little to no problem. I also believe 70 percent of the delays that get announced are due to marketing and date position reasons and less to do with thee technical reasons. I think Turtle Rock saw the game was probably not tracking well, which companies can see this early on, and probably pushed it back. Then again if a game is not ready or is flawed in anyway I don't want to play it. It's a tricky situation.

Chevalier1169d ago

I agree, preorders have been slow and with Destiny doing so well Evolve would suffer. Honestly COD has also been much lower then previous years as well. Moving Evolve gives it a better chance to do well.

As for The Evil Within, Bethesda really has to start pushing some advertising on it. It's a horror game and it's launching just before Halloween, they need to work that angle.

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