Evolve’s Delay Makes Absolutely Perfect Sense, Here’s Why

Twinfinite: Evolve's official delay until 2015 may be disappointing for many, but there are certainly good reasons behind the delay that make a lot of sense once considered.

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S2Killinit1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

ummmmm the article claims that Destiny, Halo collection, and Assassin's Creed are somehow "more fierce" competition than The Order 1866, The Witcher, and Batman. I have to disagree. As big as Destiny is, i don't see the fall line up to be "more fierce" at all.

I do agree however, that when a game is not complete, they should delay it so that they would deliver the best possible product. I have no problem with that.

PS: i wish it had made "perfect sense" when The Order 1866 was pushed back to February. I distinctly remember some people banging a different drum. wonder why.

Lawboy21469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Well look at it like's about variety....what mp games will evolve go up against....unless division comes out early next year there is only battlefield hardline....the games u named are huge games but none of them are mp games....I feel evolve has a better shot to succeed because of the variety it brings to next year rather than go up against mp juggernauts such as halo, cod, and destiny

S2Killinit1469d ago

very good point. I must agree.

Funantic11469d ago

You need glasses if you don't see Destiny, Halo, and Assassins Creed being more fierce that The Order 1886, Batman, and Witcher. That's no competition in sales. Destiny by itself is gonna outsell The Order, Batman, and Witcher combined.

Fiestabrian1469d ago

I have not played the two witcher games previous, but i wet myself pretty good when i saw Whitcher 3

S2Killinit1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Yeah but Destiny is only one game. Lawboy2 is 100% right in that there is no MP in February and so it makes sense for Evolve to release there instead. But MP aside, Destiny, MCC (which you could argue shouldn't even be mentioned here), and Assassin's creed, are not "more fierce". They could be, but its arguable.

they most likely pushed the game back for the same reason they push all games back, because its not ready yet.

medman1469d ago

I don't think this is good for the game at all. It had good momentum and a fall release would have been ideal due to the relative lack of AAA titles available for ps4/xbox one at the moment. A delay til 2015 slows the momentum it had built at E3 and puts it up against the onslaught of other games set to release in 2015, with games like The Witcher 3 and The Order:1886 scheduled to release in February 2015.

mhunterjr1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

There's really no lack of AAA fall titles. Forza Horizon 2, Drive Club, LBP3, Sunset Overdrive, COD:AW, Assassins Creed Unity, Destiny, Far Cry 4, Diablo, GTAV, The Crew, Master Chief Collection... Then there is Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation There's plenty of reasons why Evolve might have been overlooked as a holiday title. It would've had a hard time competing for mindshare once the advertisement of these games picked up.

Surely this MPonly game has better chance launching alongside a couple SPonly titles on Feb.

WeAreLegion1469d ago

WHAT WHAT WHAT?!? This is the first I'm hearing of this.

akaFullMetal1469d ago

This was delayed too? Geeez!

700p1469d ago


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