Where did it all go wrong for Crytek?

Crytek’s recent troubles have hit a certain note inside me. The Frankfurt, Germany based studio was once a developer revered for pushing the envelope when it comes to graphics while still delivering incredibly satisfying gameplay. Without Crytek, there would be no Far Cry or Crysis. We wouldn’t have made jokes about how they develop games that no market PC is capable of running at 100%. My, oh my how times have changed in a decade. The studio once known for bleeding edge technology is now in danger of becoming obsolete.

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MCTJim1447d ago

plain and simple as the article said expanding too fast without the finances to sustain themselves.

ABizzel11447d ago

This, they were opening and buying up studios and IPs left and right as if they were a publisher in the industry for 20+ years. I didn't think they made enough money off the 4 prior big games they made (5 if you count Warhead) to do all the things they were trying to do, and the sells of Ryse likely didn't help either.

I thought maybe they were making money off their engine, but seeing the small number of developers using it (and even less big devs using it), things just weren't adding up.

And now I see I was right. I guess they really thought their engine was going to take off since it's very capable of rendering great looking games, but Unreal Engine just seems to be the 3rd party engine of choice among developers.

Instead of expanding so fast they should have been making deals to get their engine into more developers games, and then focused on growing. But they saw THQ crashes down and went shopping like a shopaholic at a $1 sale.

I wish them the best, and hopefully a recovery (I don't understand why they don't push their Engine among their fellow EA devs), we don't need to see more developer crashing.

MrSwankSinatra1447d ago

Pretty much, I fail to understand any type of praise crytek gets, they've never made a good game period. Though you'll have the people talk about how great the original crysis was, but fail to mention anything other than the graphics.

starchild1447d ago

Piss off. Their games' metacritic scores say otherwise . I'm so sick of self-righteous gamers like you who arrogantly assume that just because you think something that everyone agrees with you.

Vegamyster1447d ago

Crysis 1 was great aside from the last little bit when you get to the alien ship because of how linear it gets. Crysis 2 wasn't bad either but the concept was dumbed down and the multiplayer was bleh. Never tried 3.

Enemy1447d ago

It goes back to when the original Crysis was released. The PC crowd were so blinded by graphics they were actually convinced it was going to be the next big FPS franchise, which in the end, ended up far from the actual truth.

I also believe that due to the hype from the same crowd, reviewers felt pressured to give in to the "hype" as well. Some of them knew from the start though, that beneath the graphics, Crysis was a below average game.

Even after the original, things only got worse for them.

Highlife1447d ago

Piss off! He doesn't have to like any of their games it's his opinion why does it bother you if someone doesn't like pretty but boring games?

700p1447d ago

@mrswanksinatra They've made some pretty good games and have the best looking games. Thats why they're praised.

MrSwankSinatra1447d ago

@700p Crytek makes good games? That's news to me.

Baka-akaB1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Farcry1 was an absolute classic and a cornerstone of the fps genre . Crysis 1 wasnt as much but still a pretty good game .

It's afterward , with Crysis 2 , that they got hype for no real reason beyond graphics and with lackluster games

starchild1447d ago


Because he doesn't state his opinion as an opinion, but rather states it as if it were a fact. That's the biggest problem.

And why are some people so damn negative all the time anyway? I really don't understand that. I almost never even comment about games I don't like, and if I do, I try to make it clear that it is just my personal opinion. That's because I understand that other people do in fact like those games and I'm not going to be a douchebag and go shitting on the games and acting like my negative opinion is a fact.

His second comment makes it very clear how purposefully antagonistic and self-important his attitude is.

Seriously, why are some people like this? There are lots of games that I don't personally enjoy (even some that are generally highly regarded) but I usually don't even bother making negative comments about them. Why waste your time on things you dislike so much?

And if you feel the need to express your dislike for a game at least have the decency to be considerate of those that do like the game. I would say something like "hmm...this game never really resonated with me" or "I personally don't find this game to be very enjoyable". But when people say things like "Guerrilla make shitty games" or "the Grand Theft Auto games are waaay overrated" it reveals a very immature, douchebagy, self-important attitude.

Highlife1446d ago

@starchild here's what you wrote in another article.

"Think about it this way, were the Uncharted games the best looking games available on any platform last generation? No, they weren't. They were very nice looking games, among the best, but the better-looking games on PC still looked better. The same will very likely be true this generation"

I will put your response to it here cause it fits.

Piss off. Their games' metacritic scores say otherwise . I'm so sick of self-righteous gamers like you who arrogantly assume that just because you think something that everyone agrees with you.

starchild1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


Metacritic scores are objective facts which can be independently verified. The Uncharted games not having the best graphics of any game last generation is likewise an objective fact that is demonstrably provable. There are games on PC that feature more advanced graphics techniques and higher quality assets nearly across the board.

If you can't see the difference between objective facts and purely subjective opinions then you are just lost. I wasn't hating on the game or expressing a hateful subjective opinion about the game as if it were a fact. I have said almost nothing but good things about the Uncharted games over and over on many occasions (check my comment history).

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Bigpappy1447d ago

I think they put too much hope in cry engine and then it never attracted enough developers to make up for all they put in to that. The crisis series didn't sell like it should and what ever they got for Ryse (Even though it sold quite well), it was not enough to make up for all that vent wrong in the company.

So bad management is the real answer, and it is always about making the right call.

Visiblemarc1447d ago

A serious decline in quality, for sure.

Crysis was so good (if lacking a bit of refinement), Crysis 2 (while limited freedom-wise) still fun...Crysis 3 was *not* a good time.

showtimefolks1447d ago

by focusing too much on graphics and not on gameplay/story telling

by not creating interesting worlds

MasterCornholio1447d ago

They are pretty bad developers. Especially with the last game that they made Ryse. If Crytek wants to do better they will have to start producing better games.

Volkama1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I liked Ryse. I liked Crytek too.

I think if Crytek had become a first party dev for either platform then the respective set of fanboys would have championed their games as amazing.

They actually came very very close to becoming an MS studio once, but MS decided at the last that they already had FPSs well covered (by Bungie).

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the_mack_attack31447d ago

Seems like a waste, the idea of Crysis really got my attention when I picked up Crysis 2, but the third installment was the same and worse!

gangsta_red1447d ago

All flash and no substance.

masterfox1447d ago

Where did all go wrong ?, very simple answer:

When they stay stop being true to its roots(Crysis and Warhead)

Vegamyster1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

If they expanded on the open ended level design of Crysis 1 the series would have done much better then it did, instead they went for the casual audience with linear experiences, It's a shame because there is so much potential.

youndamie1447d ago

Graphics over gameplay.

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