Resident Evil Remaster: Cash-Grab or Must-Nab?

Nerdist News: "On this episode, substitute co-hosts Malik Forte and Dan Casey break down the news of Capcom‘s upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster and discuss whether HD remasters in general are a scam, whether they’ll ever go away, and which games deserve truly deserve the rerelease. Can you say Gex 2: Enter the Gecko?!"

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TXIDarkAvenger1512d ago

I think this is a must grab if you want to get into RE, missed playing the first one, never played the REmake, or just a RE fan.

NukaCola1512d ago

It's Capcom. They have developed a poor rep as a greedy company. Could be worse though. If this was a Square game it'd be an iPad exclusive.

KwietStorm1512d ago

I used to be a huge RE fan, back when it was actually survival horror, when you were lucky to have a spare clip, when you didn't carry an arsenal for for a platoon in your pocket, when it was actually creepy, when it was worth it. But a remaster of a remake? This is just comical at this point. I'm in no rush, unless it's dirt cheap, maybe.

KyRo1511d ago

I'd like to think this remaster exists purely because Capcom want too see if the classic RE style can still sell as well as the last few titles. If it does sell well then maybe we will get more RE games in this style. I think it's wishful thinking on my half though because Capcom never really listen to their fans which is largely why they are in the mess they are now.

Systemshock21512d ago

PC and Console owners except GC missed it , also remakes like this are better than yearly factory products like Asscreeds and CoDs.

Nerdmaster1511d ago

It was released for Wii, too. That's why I don't believe when people say that they always wanted to play it but couldn't. Everybody had a Wii. Those who really wanted to play this game could've easily borrowed a Wii from a friend (if they didn't have the console) and rented the game. Now that it's coming to PS and Xbox, people are saying how mega wonderful this game always seemed, but somehow they never made the small effort to play it.

LOGICWINS1512d ago

Im buying it if its $20 or less.

1512d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.