PlayStation Store Update 08/05/2014

Road Not Taken, Shadowfall Intercept, and the Swapper highlight this week's PS Store Update

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GamingSinceThe80s1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I downloaded FEZ a few hours ago and man what a cool game.It a shame Fish is such an A-HOLE.But I see why everyone was raving about it last year or when ever it came out.It has a charm all its own.I love how you are constantly having to change the view to revel new paths.I'm just liking everything about it.Everyone should play this game and if you have a PS4 or Vita and PS plus there is no excuse not to now.

XtraTrstrL1440d ago

My [email protected] bought it when it came out. I knew it'd end up on PS+. Whatever though, it wasn't expensive. I feel bad for Fish, I think he's just misunderstood and talks too much. He needs to just not voice his opinion so much and not get caught up in social media the way he does.

ThunderPulse1440d ago

Road not Taken got a 6.5 on IGN but I give it a 7.

Rhaigun1440d ago

The fact that Angry Birds is only $11 cheaper than Battlefield 4 is a joke.

wolfcreek1440d ago

The fact that the ps4 keeps getting fucked. St row 3 was free on ps3 and yet On PS Now they are changing for it. Why cant they add a free Button to those that have the games. fez is cool but I bought it. road not taken not good at all , why? it's the same shit over and over. indie stuff. Road could be on a gameboy. 400 bucks and all we get is remakes from ps3 and indies. Yep really need that 1080p and hd for angry birds, contrast and strider, dont starve and on and on

Muzikguy1440d ago

Oh yeah! I'm glad this little reminder was here and I can use the app right now to download! :)