PlayStation Store Global Update (US, HK & JP) August 5, 2014

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Ripsta7th1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Not a good place to ask my question but hopefully some one has an answer. Ok so i called Sony support because my ps4 was having the disc drive problem were it ejected my disc and didnt want accept it anymore. After talking with support they made me do the turn off soft reset and go into safe mode i beleive. I had told them i had done this before and they decided to send me a shipping box. So now after i did the safe mode thing my ps4 is working fine but i have heard this is a temporary fix, so my question is , when i get the shipping box and send my console will they still fix it if they cant find the problem atm? Or will they alredy know about this? Should i put a letter telling them i did the temporary fix or wait until it messes up again and then shipp my ps4? Any answers will be greatly appreciated, if you have done this before and know thanks in advance since i cant reply. (I cant return the box either because Sony charges 25 for wasting their time) lol

AshleeEmerson1416d ago

Can you tell me exactly what you did to make it read again?... If you don't mind kind sir :)

ramiuk11416d ago

have u backed up your saves to cloud?
when i sent mine back the delivery guy brought one with him(i live in UK)
i basically just swapped it for another brand new console.

whats the tempory fix you did?

knifefight1416d ago

With the Square Enix sale, I'm looking at FFX HD for the cross-saves.

Canary-00831416d ago

I made it to the Calm Lands on Vita and just gave up.