Project CARS 4K Gameplay Video Features An Aggressive Ford Focus

One Angry Gamer "As for the video itself, it comes courtesy of YouTube user P1TV, a German-based autosports enthusiast channel. They have up a couple of noteworthy videos in that almighty 4K resolution, including one featuring an Audi A8 LMS Ultra on the Nordschleife track."

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aceitman1510d ago

i like the track its on . cant wait for this and driveclub.

Boody-Bandit1509d ago

Looks great.
I hope Slightly Mad Studios is using a completely different engine than they did last gen. Their past few games had serious issues with wheel wobble on FFB wheels.

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tee_bag2421509d ago

The game is looking fun. Does anyone know if damage will be included in the final? It kind of ruined it for me seeing the car not dent up

WilliamUsher1509d ago

Damage was turned off in the video.

It supports some levels of physical and performance damage.

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