Would LJN make it in todays video game climate?

LJN… Hold on! Before you go running to the hills out of fear, Shawn is not going to make you play any of their games. However, he will make you remember back to a troubling time in your childhood. For those of you lucky enough to be too young to know LJN or at least never played any of their games, they were one of the most horrible video game publishers there ever was. If they were so bad, how did they stay around so long? Clearly they did something right or was it just a time before the internet and social media, so people could only complain to friends about their games? What if LJN was still around now? What if they started up shop now? Would they make it as long today as a video game publisher as they did back then? Also, should they get all the blame?

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kalkano1442d ago

They'd fit right in in the mobile space.

JohnathanACE1442d ago

Oh LJN, when you see that sh*t rainbow you know you're gonna have a bad time.

ArtificiallyYours1441d ago

Agent 47 will be sent to dismantle LJN...

swishersweets200311441d ago

i had the hulk hogan toy when i was a teen i bet most of you on here were not even alive when those came out.

ion6661441d ago

I was , Great memories man.

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