The Top 10 Voice Acting Performances in Games

Voice acting is a crucial part of most games. Good voice acting brings you into the story, immersing you in the game, ultimately making that character memorable and the game that much better, while bad voice acting normally does the exact opposite. This is why we should remember the voice actors/actresses that helped make our games great. Here are the top 10 voice acting performances in games.

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randomass1711476d ago

Jen Hale is the best you heathen... nah this list as actually great. I really like every performance listed here. Glad to see Hale was listed! :D

NukaCola1476d ago

It's night and day with Shep. Hale is phenomenal and whoeverthef*** who voices male shep is a complete atrocity which makes the good dialog lose its "ooomph" and drive way too often.

randomass1711476d ago

Male shep's voice was just okay IMO but you're right, he doesn't come close to Hale's amazing delivery. :D

blitz06231475d ago

I think David Hayter should be higher. Hard to argue against Mark Hamill at the top though.

Spurg1476d ago

Terrence Carson (Kratos - God of War Series)...serious...he makes the list but not Cortana

Goro1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Hidenari Ugaki as Goro Majima in the Yakuza series.
Ironically, #1 on this list (Mark Hamill) voices Goro Majima in the English dubbed version of Yakuza 1.

Gatsu1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Whaaaaaat?! No Samuel L. Jackson from San Andreas, who voiced Officer Frank Tenpenny? >:O

scark921475d ago

Its regarding performance, not popularity, I would put Liam Neeson from Fallout 3 before Sammy tho xD

Gatsu1475d ago

But Samuel's performance was so badass lol ;(, he owns da voice acting list with his gangstaness.

Gh05t1475d ago

Michael Mando is the voice actor of Vaas in Far Cry 3... has to be my favorite and best performance I have heard in a long time.

emcee1231475d ago

Mando did a great job as Vaas

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