Shovel Knight Sells 48K+ on Wii U, 59K+ on 3DS in First Month for US

After glowing reviews, Shovel Knight has gone on to sell very well on Nintendo platforms.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1475d ago

Yeah, because it's a high-quality gem.*inside joke, you'll only get it if you've played it*

generic-user-name1475d ago

Those numbers are impressive?

wonderfulmonkeyman1475d ago

Would you like others to use that same train of thought on titles you find impressive, that didn't sell well above 1M?
Then don't try it on others.

generic-user-name1475d ago

Can't ask a legitimate question without people getting all defensive.

SirNintend01475d ago

It's an indie title available only on digital content. So yes, it is, considering this game probably made them millionaires since it was all profit. Research.

Dunban671474d ago

It has been successful so far- but in no way did it make them millionaires and revenue is not close to being all profit-
if u look in the comments section under the original story there is a link to Yatch Club games website that has a great overview of thier dec process and basic breakdown re cost Etc. I hope they become millionaires since they seem like dedicated great guys- But they still have a ways to go - more power to them

They risked a lot and will continue to have to take risks for the foreseeable future but they are off to a great start

Metallox1475d ago

Yacht Club Games mentioned that they were happy with sales. The game sold 180K units in its first month, 107K in Nintendo platforms, the rest on PC...

Yes, those numbers are impressive, at least for the developers. Don't know how other indie games perform, but there you go.

EastOfTheAnduin1475d ago

A freshman indie studio selling 5 times the games development cost, in one month, on two platforms, in one region?

Wholly unimpressive.

Neonridr1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

for an indie title with zero marketing, I would say so, sure.

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TongkatAli1475d ago

Good fing news. Indies FTW!

N4g_null1475d ago

Yay now make another! 16 bit please!

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