Advanced Warfare – Season Pass Will Transfer From Current-gen to Next-gen

Those who own a current-gen console can can transfer the Advanced Warfare Season Pass from their current-gen console to their next-gen console.

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johndoe112111474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

When you say current gen to next gen do you mean the ps4 to the ps5 and the xbox one to the xbox two? Really don't intend to play this game in 6 years. \

Seriously, as journalists, you guys need to learn the difference between last-gen, current-gen and next-gen.

the_mack_attack31474d ago

Thanks for your comment Johndoe11211.

While you make a valid point, giving the amount of news articles, opinion pieces and such that have released regarding PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as next-gen before and after their release, also giving the obvious release date of Advanced Warfare for this year, I believe having the article heading you suggested above will only cause confusion.

SaturdayNightBeaver1473d ago

its because of the huge hype that was build around , i bet some people will call them "next-gen" even 3 years from now. sad thing no one cares about is , there really isn't anything next-gen about those consoles

XtraTrstrL1473d ago

LOL, how nice of you Activision.

lindquist1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Believe it or not - DICE/EA did not offer me this free transfer. I have to buy 2 x premium battlefield 4 to get it on both my xbox360 (had it first) and now on my xbox one.

Thats a lot of money spent on one game!

BattleReach1473d ago

While the transfer should be available and free, it's still stupid you bought Premium on 360 in the first place.

Jughead34161473d ago

Really glad different studios are creating the ps3/360 and ps4/xbox one versions. I'm actually excited for this one. Looks as good as killzone, if not better. That's saying something because killzone is one the best looking current gen games

scark921473d ago

Had no idea this was Cross gen, not a good sign imo

akraven1473d ago

They have 2 different teams. one for last generation and one for this generation. I just hope they don't dumb down the ps4 version.

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