PS4 vs. Xbox One: PS Now Is Better Than EA Access

ID Times: "Electronic Arts and Microsoft have just recently teamed up to bring a new subscription service, called EA Access, to the Xbox One. Sony has stated that they chose to reject EA Access when offered to participate, with a representitive from Sony claiming to Game Informer that "it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect." This largely has to do with Sony's competing service PlayStation Now. While each service has it's pros and cons, PlayStation Now seems to be the better deal initially."

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Majin-vegeta1471d ago

EA access is gonna backfire.People don't really think they're gonna get games like DA:IQ,BF:H etc...for just $30 a year do they??EA would lose a lot of cha ching.

Keith Olbermann1471d ago

I'm a PS fan but playstation now is not a good deal at all. Sorry but it isnt.

adonis1831471d ago

Saying you're a sony fanboy doesn't prove anything. Ps now is in Beta. Also SONY is working on a subscription service.

PS now is way different that EA access too.

PS Now is about convenience and ease. When you stream a game there's no need to update or install. People are seriously not seeing the benefits of PS now. Keith you're an xbox Fanboy -_-.

xHeavYx1471d ago

Let me see, on the one hand I have just a few EA games (Titanfall is not included, as EA stated) on the other hand,I have PS1, 2 and 3 games... I'm pretty sure I know which one is the best

BillytheBarbarian1471d ago

Yeah, agreed. You can buy the games for the cost of a four hour trial. Stupid.

Also streaming games is going to drop some quality if you don't have above average connection. Lag, dropped frames, resolution will probably suffer as well. And jeez who cares about ugly ass PS1 games?

Eonjay1471d ago

What is it they say? Oh yeah, EA Access has NO GAMES!

Funantic11471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

A lot of people agree with you Keith. So do I. The thing about EA Access is that we know they're getting more games. But PS Now isn't going down on prices.

Muerte24941471d ago

EA Access requires you to play the natively from your HDD via download. PS Now, allows you to play games from a remote server without actually needing the game installed on your console. If you want to compare EA Access to anything, it would be similar to Games with Gold/ PS+. I'd really wish facts with a hint of intellect were present in these "PS NOW vs EA access" articles.

donthate1471d ago

On the one hand, I already got my values worth with EA Access and more games to come. When EA lets you have their flagship game, BF4, I wouldn't doubt most other games owned by EA will come to the service.

On the other hand PS Now is offering to rob me blind up front for playing even older games than what EA Access offers. Their selection is meager, and the experience is subpar.

They might be different services, but in the end they serve the same need to mostly the same consumer group (as of now), and they only care about getting the games at what cost.....

pinkcrocodile751471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Hmmm, let me see. I bought a next gen console... for new games. I didn't buy it so I could play old games. It's sort of like going to a michelin star restaurant and ordering a sh!t sandwich.

Well that's what I think of both services, I know other will disagree.

That said, based on what they are offering, it all comes down to price, the Now prices are crazy but it makes sense since Sony has to deal with seperate publishers. So right now Sony and the publishers make money to the cost of the gamer.

However, should they go down the subscription route, there is less money to go around for Sony and after shelling out a bundle for Gaikai I would want to recoup the cost as soon as possible.

I suppose a happy medium would be a combination of the two business models.

Say a basic subscription service for standard games and a lower cost hourly rental for the really good games.

Still either way... I didn't buy an Xbox One to play old sh!t!!!

diehardmetallicafan1471d ago

wow look at all you fruitcakes. you xbox fans are obviously not gunna purchase a ps4 and have the option of ps now, so ea access is the best thing for you, and vice versa. personally i'd never in my right mind buy an xbox one so i don't have to even think about what awesome games ea access isn't gunna offer me.

Darkstares1470d ago

For 30 days you can play Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, Madden 25, and FIFA 14 all for $5. How many PS Now games can you play for 30 for the same price?

EA Access games are not streamed, therefore will not be hindered by lower quality content which PS Now does. PS Now is also more susceptible to hiccups and lag for single player experiences since they are being streamed. EA Access games are downloaded to your hard drive.

Does PS Now offer early access play time for new games?

Does PS Now offer 10% discounts on new games?

The only area PS Now has over EA Access is the size and selection of the library but each game comes at a cost.

ghostface91470d ago

@adonis your a blind sony fanboy if you believe that theres anyway with the different publishers all wanting money for there games that they could make it a subscription service.Ps now is not about convience and ease its a streaming service that doesnt always work properly even with a good internet connection. theres a reason sony didnt let ea access onto their console and its not because its not good value its because it would cut drastically into ps now sales which are going to bad anyways because all the games are overpriced you can buy all those those games for the price it would cost to rent them for a month.

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LackTrue4K1471d ago

i still don't believe EA on this, will this be brand new games?? Battlefield 5/Hard-line.

and it comes with all there DLC, meaning "why waste a penny on premium for that game..........I JUST DON'T BUY IT"

Lord-Nicon1471d ago

Nope, they said it before, "you will have access to the game 5 days before they are released and play for a limited time, then you will be able to buy it with a discount on its release date" that means they are not going to include the newest games on the vault right away, but they will wait for some time i think.

Gozer1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

This story is clickbait. I cant understand how anyone could claim PS Now is a better value than EA Access. There is point that some people just look stupid.

For $30 a year($2.50 a month), or $5 a month, you can download and play any game in their Vault. You get 10% off any EA games you buy, as well as 10% off any EA dlc. You get access to play any new EA game 5 days before release.

Then there is PS Now

Killzone 3 $4.99 used at GameStop/4 hours for $2.99

Dead Rising 2 $7.69 used at Amazon/ 7 days for $5.99

Metal Gear Solid 4 $6.99 used at GameStop/4 hours for $4.99

Catherine $13.82 used at Amazon/ 30 days for $7.99

Darksiders II $15.35 used at Amazon/ 30 days for $14.99

Zone of the Enders HD Collection $13.10 used at Amazon/ 7 days for $9.99

Deus Ex: Human Revolution + DLC $6.82 used at Walmart/ without DLC 4 hours for $4.99

Guacamelee! + DLC $14.99 download on PS4 with extra story content/ 90 days for $14.99

F1 2013 $39.99 new at Amazon/ 30 days for $22.99 + 7 days for $11.99

I don't buy Madden every year, but I would give $2.50 a month to be able to play it every year. Think about all the sports games alone that you could play, golf, soccer, boxing, basketball, hockey, racing,etc. Then you have games like Dragon Age, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Battlefront,etc. Sure you might have to wait for 6 months+ for those titles to be added to the Vault, but at least you would get to play them for a very reasonable price if you could not afford them at their release.

Early access is a nice little bonus too. People will be flooding to Twitch, and Youtube to see early footage of games they are interested in.

10% off for EA games, and dlc is also good value. You could buy a $65 title for $58, and spend the money you saved on a 1 month subscription and have even more games to play.

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hkgamer1471d ago

ok. with psnow prices, they are kind of comparable to some of gamestops prices.

i did a conparison for saints row the third when that was the only price available on psnow. not saying it was a good deal, just saying that gamestop overcharges some of their games.

also psnow gives full dlc version.

not saying psnow is good in anyway.

now should not be compared with a subscription service.

ea access should be compared to gold and ps+. all three for this gen only are not providing good enough games though bf4 seems like a good deal. ea also giving 10% discount to all dlc(not sure about full games). ps+ gives discount to selected items and i think it maybe more than 10% but not 100% sure.

ea giving early access trials. not sure if you decide to buy you can get access to full game straight away. ps+ has trials which is the same thing, but no early access and probably not available this gen.

downside of ea access. 4 games so far, 2 are old sports games which means its not relevant anymore. never understood people playing older versions of sports titles, but i guess some people may enjoy it. peggle 2 no one gives a crap about this game. bf4, only 8 months or so old. pretty cool deal. ps3 ps+ is giving us older games, probably a year old. whatelse can ea offer in the vault within the next year that will be available for xbone?

Fishermenofwar1470d ago

Or maybe...Just maybe...The prices aren't nailed down yet...

mixolydian_id1471d ago

Neither of these services can "Backfire".

If there's even zero adoption of the services, they won't be taken down.

They're here and they're going to stay. Whether they're good value or not, they serve more as an alternate marketing awareness method. Another billboard to deliver marketing PR to unsupecting user's.

EA is more like a EA XBL... PSnow is a rental/streaming service.

PSnow... the best thing is the backwards compatability and versatile listings. The worst is the price and limitations of the content.

EA... the best thing is the calibre of title and it's subscription based. The worst thing is that it means nothing to a user who doesn't like EA games and the game vault isn't huge at the moment.

Just swings and roundabouts. Both services come at a cost to a consumer.

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98xpresent1471d ago

IMO EA access is better .

Artista 1471d ago

Versus Versus Versus

Whatever you're into.

BitbyDeath1471d ago

IMO they have very little in common which negates the purpose of a comparison.

Queasy1471d ago

This. Until Sony announces a subscription plan for PS Now, it's an apples and oranges comparison.

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Kavorklestein1471d ago

It's not about comparing the two because they are or aren't SIMILAR, it's about comparing what they offer for THE MONEY. Duh. So sick of people saying they can't be compared. Excuse me? Earth to Gamer! ANYTHING can be compared. Granted, I'm not gonna compare a CD-Rom drive with a toilet seat, but we're talking about Additional/optional Gaming Services here.... Both of which are console/brand exclusive... Pretty comparable if you ask me.
So the comparison stands-

FOR THE MONEY- PS Now is Garbage in a bucket.
FOR THE MONEY- Ea Access is a pleasant deal with HUGE value.

whoyouwit041471d ago

You can tell by the title this article was written by a fan boy. How the hell is a service that charges you $5 for four hours of game play for a game is even mentioned in the same sentence as EA access?

digim01471d ago

Because PS Now has roughly 20x the games that EA Access has, and will include EA games in the near future as well. The prices are weird now but Sony's already said they're going to change them. You seriously think EA's library is better than all the stuff that came out for PS3?

adonis1831471d ago

xbox fanboys are disagreeing like crazy here.

Eonjay1471d ago

I agree. A decent subscription plan would put this miles ahead of and EA only sub.

marlinfan101471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

"The prices are weird now but Sony's already said they're going to change them."

sony doesn't control the pricing of most of the games. even their games are over priced right now.

"You seriously think EA's library is better than all the stuff that came out for PS3?"

right now, ea access' games are better than ps nows IMO. even once ps now starts releasing some of the newer ps3 games, how much are they gonna cost? if the games that are on there now are priced at what they are, what are games like TLOU, GOW, uncharted, etc gonna cost to rent? i doubt they'll be what these games cost.

like others are saying, a subscription would help everything