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Road Not Taken Review | Hardcore Gamer

Unfortunately for players, Road Not Taken, while theoretically interesting, is flawed in practice. Successful roguelikes, at their core, require addictive gameplay that keeps players scratching that ever-present “just one more game” itch. Sadly, Road Not Taken plays more like a chore than an exciting puzzler, and its backstory and flawed attempts at establishing emotion give players little reason to actually care. (PC, PS4, Road Not Taken) 3/5

ValKilmer  +   301d ago
Seems like it was a road to nowhere.
Keith Olbermann  +   301d ago
I played it for a few hours today. I like it.Since I'm a plus member it was free.
ThunderPulse  +   301d ago
Road not downloaded
SynestheticRoar  +   301d ago
Road not Taken. Now we know why.
jimjam3442  +   300d ago
love the art, hate the gameplay.

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