Dante’s Inferno Fan Short by Naughty Dog Animator Coming August 14th; Gets New Key Artwork

Naughty Dog Senior Cinematics Animator Tal Peleg is directing a CG animated fan short inspired by Electronic Arts’ Dante’s Inferno titled Dante’s Redemption, and it's coming on August 14th, while today Peleg released a new key artwork.

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Enemy1445d ago

I quite liked Dante's Inferno. Best GOW ripoff I've ever played.

optimus1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

I just picked up Dante's inferno last week for 3 bucks in the bargain bin cause i read it was similar to God of war which I never played so it‘s all new to me and I quite like it. Can't remember the last time a game showcased so much blatant nudity.