World of Nintendo Toys from Jakks Pacific Coming to Target Soon

A new official toy line from Nintendo is coming to target, and the figures look amazing.

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Spooney3231511d ago

I'm sold ! These would make awesome stocking stuffers especially if they release princess zelda, peach, Kirby ect.....

Agent_00_Revan1511d ago

Wow, wht have they never released these kinds of toys before?! Those look great! WANT! I'll be fighting my son over these I think. Lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman1511d ago

That Link figure comes with a detachable sheath for the sword...that's awesome stuff right there.
The only way he can be more perfect is if he's articulated enough to be able to pull off the stance from the end of a Spin Attack.

ShinMaster1511d ago

I think I'll just wait for the Amiibo figures...

Ripsta7th1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Im buying Yoshi and Todd

SirNintend01511d ago

Todd looks really well done for sure.

Auron1510d ago

I think Todd will be a hot item, definitely will hard to find for sure.

lunatic00011510d ago

Todd is going to be hard to find...if I find one...I'll for sure put it up on eBay...rare toy for sure :)

lunatic00011510d ago

One thing about Nintendo is why don't they make collectors editions for their games....imagine a badass sculpture of link riding epona for Zelda Wii u it something fancy like triforce edition for $150 and an big ass artbook...that would sell like crazy