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Wii U or Xbox One: More Fun With Numbers

Gamer Headlines: Yesterday there was spirited debate over the article "Which Console is Doing Better: Wii U or Xbox One?" Many commenters took umbrage at the view that XBO has the advantage moving into the rest of 2014. Several insisted on making a big deal out of sales in the last quarter. Did the commenters have a point? Is there more there? (Microsoft, Nintendo, Wii U, Xbox One)

thorstein  +   211d ago
You're missing a big, big part of the picture. Wii U's sales numbers (and PS4, for that matter) are based on sales through to customer whereas XOne is sales to retail. That is a huge difference when really looking at overall numbers.

Xone gets a bump because they shipped their kinectless XOne to retail hoping for better sales.
Spotie  +   211d ago
Not much of a bump, it would seem, though.

I find it interesting how many try to downplay that difference, and the fact that Microsoft was, until early this year, also reporting sold through.
Ariamythe  +   210d ago
Interesting. Can you source that information?
thorstein  +   209d ago

This article explains it pretty well:

Dunban67  +   211d ago
Well written article and a balanced look at the 2 consoles situation. - It is def too early to declare a winner
JacketsNest101  +   210d ago
She claims to have spreadsheets. One problem: I don't see any spreadsheets. If you are going to reference numbers in an article with as much financial jargon as this one has, you need a couple visual aids. Did you not learn this when you were taking journalism classes? At least provide your sources for reference, even if it's just a hyperlink. Why do articles like this, with such obviously bad journalism, continue to get approved?!
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LOL_WUT  +   210d ago
Definitely X1 as it's focused on games and has the hardware to back it up! Can't go wrong with that system ;)

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