Videogamer: Rock Band Review

Videogamer writes: "Social gaming is a term brandished about all over the place these days. If a game even hints at offering something you can do with a friend then it's a social game or a casual game. The problem is that few of these games are all that social. You might be playing a game against someone, but rarely do you do any more than throw out the occasional insult over a "lucky punch" or "fluky shot". Social gaming appears to have arrived without many games truly being what social gaming should be about: a group of people all playing together having a great time. This is where Rock Band fits in.

After the bad press the game received over its combined £180 price tag there can't be many people who aren't aware of Rock Band, but just in case we'll summarise. As the name suggests the game allows you to play as a Rock Band, not just as a guitarist as in the hugely popular Guitar Hero series. This includes a guy on drums, someone on lead guitar, someone on bass guitar (only one guitar is included in the instrument pack) and a vocalist on the microphone. If you've got the right amount of people you have a band, even if it's faker than the designer shirts sold at the local market."

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Nevers3835d ago

... but this week's DLC sux.