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Wishlist: 5 franchises for Telltale Games to tackle next

PSgamer: TellTale games are on top of their game right now. When it comes to story telling, it is a close call between Naughty Dog and these masters of episodic games as to who holds the crown. The Walking Dead was the series that really shot TellTale to stardom but before that, they created 3 genuinely funny and clever seasons of Sam & Max, the wonderful Tales of Monkey Island and the under appreciated Jurassic Park: The Game and Back To The Future: The Game. They really are masters of their craft.

Now that The Wolf Among Us has ran its course and The Walking Dead Season 2 is coming to a close, some of its hundreds of staff must be eyeing up their next project – even with Tales From The Borderlands, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead Season 3 on the horizon. If they are looking for any suggestions, here is out wishlist of 5 franchises we would love Telltale to take a stab at. (Culture, Telltalte Games)

-Foxtrot  +   263d ago
Maybe they should make something original for once and stop using already popular franchises with well established fanbases
styferion  +   262d ago
they already made something original for more than once.
DonDon  +   263d ago
I'd like to see a Sopranos spin-off or Breaking Bad spin-off.
uth11  +   262d ago
Sam and Max season 4!!!
goldwyncq  +   262d ago
porkChop  +   262d ago
Battlestar Galactica, Sin City, and Archer are all great choices.
IIIHARLEMIII  +   262d ago
Pillsbury1  +   262d ago
This seems like a crazy idea but... How about the last of us?
There are still so many stories left untold in this universe.
BitbyDeath  +   262d ago
Adventure Time!
Giantbomb82  +   262d ago
Naughty Dog?? Am I missing something? the plot in the Uncharted games was LAME! The end boss fight in all 3 games was BAD!! especially UC2 which was preceded by killing Blue mutants with Arrows. Last of US didn't blow me away at all. Their were 10x more WOW! oh Shit!! Moments in the Walking Dead game.
-Foxtrot  +   262d ago
Walking Dead is shit compared to anything ND make

ND tell better stories, have interesting characters and unlike TellTale they actually evolve their games. Not the same boring old point and click system you just cant evolve at all.
barb_wire  +   262d ago
Judge Dredd.

Heck, do 'The Relic' by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. I'd buy that, since there are 12 other books in that series too.
nope111  +   262d ago
They should do more comc book adaptations.

Y The Last Man

I really think Telltale can pull off a fantastic Transmetropolitan game.
goldwyncq  +   262d ago
I just want them to go back making authentic adventure games.

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