Are Nintendo Directs Beneficial?

From GamesReviews:

"I've always been a firm believer that when Nintendo releases one of their Nintendo Directs, the content is interesting, and generally, will sell me on one of their products. However, I heard an alternate opinion today that made me rethink these videos. Is there such thing as too much information when it comes to Nintendo Directs?"

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randomass1711512d ago

They are fun to watch, so I'd say so! Sometimes they are also a great way to give fans little surprises and reveals. It's one of Nintendo's better takes on the internet this gen.

Chrischi19881512d ago

I like to watch them, too.

3-4-51511d ago

They are really beneficial. It's pretty much all facts and not a bunch of spin and BS. It's when we ACTUALLY find stuff out.

TongkatAli1511d ago

I like how in the 3DS store they promote it.

N4g_null1512d ago

I would say yes. They have things like game play in them. They announce stuff without all of the hyperbole and empty hype.

Without these directs we would not know about half the great games coming to the wiiu. The media isn't trying to spread the word.

BlackWolf1512d ago

Heh, it's not like they're not harmful! People expect them, and generally, the content shown is well received. Also, the information goes out clean of any kind of transformation (like, let's say, a biased journalist), so it's a good publicity tool for the company.

I like to see every Direct, at least to know what's up with the upcoming content for 3DS and Wii U. I'd say it's much more a benefit than a risk.

iNFAMOUZ11511d ago

yes and no, its good cause its for gamers about games but by them missing e3 its and key events they are saying to the crowd, hey its about sony and ms not us anymore!

Summons751511d ago

I disagree. Them not putting on a forced show like ms and Sony shoes they care more for the gamers than the press and stock holders. They still go but bring the announcements to the gamers without having sit through a boring show talking about things they Dont care about.

colonel1791511d ago

Why would it be important to make an E3 conference, if most of the people watch it online anyway?

The only affected are mostly journalists, which it's their job anyways, and they still get the games for free. So who cares?

Spotie1511d ago

Because lots of mainstream outlets cover e3 as well. Them not having a presser means less exposure for them, particularly with the non-Nintendo faithful.

That's the problem I have with their Directs, as well. They only reach Nintendo fans. It's great for letting them in on the Ninty action, but doesn't really do much to bring in anyone else.

JacketsNest1011511d ago


That's what journalists are for. If anyone of the Sony/MS crowd truly cares about what Nintendo is doing, they would either watch the Direct or read about it afterwards and gain all the information they need from the journalists who watched it when it aired.

maniacmayhem1511d ago


How dense are you? Nintendo directs are featured on youtube where anyone with a microchip can access.

And last I checked every mainstream outlet did cover Nintendo's E3 presence and their direct. You mean that the many stories we saw of Splatoon, Devil's Third, Zelda, and others only reached Nintendo fans?

N4g_null1511d ago

They killed E3 where was you? They had a tourney and live demos for days! If you did not see the 30 minutes of x being played then you missed the real E3. They did the same at comic con too. Slaptoon was the new fps where every one needed their own game pad.

I'm thinking ms and Sony can't match a direct because they don't have lots of game play to show off so it would get boring, plus it would spoil the stories.

The less hype and marketing and more showing off the game the better.

Summons751511d ago

Yes. It brings it to the gamers without having to wait for a big show like e3 to announce things without a forced show and stage actors pretending to be gamers and they're fun to watch. The Hyrule warriors direct was great and even though I was disappointed there was no demo announcement the free skin sets was an awesome touch.

AdamRoffel1511d ago

100% agree with you here, but the real point of the article (perhaps a better title might have helped!): do you feel like everything for Hyrule Warriors/Smash Bros is being ruined? Like, are you still expecting surprises come launch day, or do you think it will all be in the open. This article stems from IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat podcast from Friday, August 1st where they debate the necessity of this past Monday's direct.

N4g_null1511d ago

This direct was needed to replace negativity with features gamers are going to care about. Most games have online as a content filler. It would seem this game doesn't need that. 3 very different play modes. Local co op so you can make local friends. I mean dang you guys have family right, extended family? If not its not like everyone and their mom did not buy a wii, that was the whole point, we are supposed to be expanding gaming not horde it.

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