Delayed Games to 2015

Delays, delays and more delays. No doubt 2014 will be remembered as the year of the massive delays, and while there will be many exciting games exclusive for the new generation practically absent, except for exceptions like Sunset Overdrive XboxOne or Driveclub for PS4.

Unfortunately, many really interesting titles not see the light of day this Christmas, and all due to the same reason / excuse: more development time is needed to refine details.

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But it sure is making 2015 off the hook!!!!!

Chuk51568d ago

Fall 2014 is still pretty damn full. Pushing games to 2015 won't mitigate this list:

Shadow of Mordor
Far Cry 4
Smash bros. 4
Bayonetta 2
Captain Toad
Advanced Warfare
Sunset Overdrive
Master Chief Collection
Civilization Beyond Earth
Forza Horizon 2
Lords of the Fallen

All of that not even including the indies still coming this year. It's going to be alright.

Jdoki1568d ago

Assuming none of them get pushed as well at the last minute :)

There's a lot to like on that list at the moment though.

lazyboyblue1568d ago

Don't forget Alien isolation.

spacedelete1568d ago

theres plenty of games coming out this year. the problem isn't that there aren't any its just stupid companies releasing all of them at once right at the end of the year.

it feels like all companies trolled all of uf us with nothing to play until right at the end of the year.