NHL 15 Ratings: Defensemen

GoodGameBro writes, "Today, EA SPORTS continued the process of releasing ratings for players in this year’s NHL 15 by sharing the Top 5 Defensemen of NHL 15. Read on to find out which blue line players are rated the best in the game, take a look at their statistical performance from last season, and see a new screenshot of them from the game!"

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Crazay1591d ago

Wtf?!? No Karlsson? Brutal. At least that dbag Subban isn't on the list.

SpinalRemains1381591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

He's an awful blue-liner. (Subban)

He has a huge shot and an incredible motor, but his tendency to get cute and join the rush, leads to him being burned consistently going the other way.

The Rangers exposed his one way selfish play in the ECF.
Overrated is that DBag.

ifistbrowni1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Really liking the abundance of high ratings this year, which is new. NHL 14 started with raising overalls, but back on NHL 13 most players were rated 85.

Honestly, I think very few NHL players should be rated below an 84 overall. Rating below a 84 would suggest that they're really not that good at anything, which isn't true at all for most NHL players.

Hopefully most 1-2nd line players are rated high (88-90 overall), because honestly, anyone can "pop off" and have an awesome year. Take Alexander Steen 2013-2014 season... He had a career high last year but his overall in NHL 14 would suggest he isn't that great of a player.

Plus, I think the game would play better as an NHL game if players were highly rated as long as the goalies were balanced and had a realistic AI.

@Crazay, of course not... Why would Erik Karlsson make the list? He's not top 5. Subban would fit in top 5 more than Karlsson since it seems EA is basing their overalls off of their stats from last season/playoffs.