The Last of Us Remastered: Why Do We Buy Re-Releases?

Do you like re-releases, but are too scared to admit it? Or perhaps you hate them and wonder why others seem to keep scooping them up. Gamemoir's Nick D. takes a look at the old practice of packaging old content as new and tries to make a bit of sense of it.

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DonDon1440d ago

This was a definite cash grab (tlou re) but I bought it because I knew that the multiplayer community would eventually move onto ps4. Plus I wanted to get used to the 60 fps early so when I did get the game I wouldn't be fumbling with controls. Finally I also like that I can record all of my matches for free and listen to Music Unlimited app while playing (since I beat game 7 times of which was on grounded mode).

So it was still a stretch for me to buy it, but I still did. But I totally understand the anger of those who bought the digital ps3 version AND season pass, yet saw no discount by ND. Even gamestop gave discounts for used copies of ps3 disc version...

ECHOBLAST1439d ago

A cah grab maybe but it's also a good way to transit in the new-gen console.

Zenith4k1439d ago

Because I bought my ps4 for this game and naughty dog. Moved from 360 to ps4 and ain't missed it

funkybudda1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

In your case, this is NOT a cash grab and it's exactly what Sony wanted to do, entice players who either didnt have a PS3 last gen or didnt play the game to purchase a PS4.

There are numerous articles that Sony cited their own PSN data that there's enough ratio of players on PS4 who doesnt have TLOU data in their PSN activities log, hence it made sense for Sony to move forward with the remastered version.

Zenith4k1439d ago

Exactly mate, just got the game yesterday and even if it was only half as good ( graphically) I think I would still play RM version, buying any game is a cash grab!

spacedelete1439d ago

who cares ? if people want to buy them then let them instead of asking troll style questions to get page hits. why care what other people are buying ? this site is literally just fanboys and trolls just egging each other on.

i come for news on the latest videogame announcement not stupid questions from trolls.

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