Activision greenlit Gun 2 – but Neversoft canned it to make more Tony Hawk

Activision greenlit a sequel to Neversoft's open world Wild West shooter Gun, but it was canned by the studio due to a lack of staff, former president Joel Jewitt has revealed.

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scark921446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Wow, Gun was amazing, I do enjoy the TH series but the series did go 'Downhill' after American Wasteland, this was a bad move :(

BiggCMan1446d ago

Gun and Red Dead Revolver are the best Old Western games out there. I personally like their styles much more than Red Dead Redemption and was a little disappointed it took a more serious turn like GTA 4 did. Maybe one day we'll see this game again.

AntoineDcoolette1446d ago

I felt TH went downhill after THPS4 when they started adding stories to the games = /

But yeah that's a shame that we never got a GUN sequel. = (

Rivitur1446d ago

Wtf?? Now neversoft is stuck doing cod getting that cash for a trash game.

SouthClaw1446d ago

Gun was a great game for its time. I mean you could scalp somebody!

matt1391446d ago

What? GUN is better than TH in every way, shape and form! Bad bad move there.

Goro1446d ago

How can you compare GUN with Tony Hawk? They're 2 completely different games.

Highlife1446d ago

Football is better than broccoli. Boom

Ghanja1446d ago

Now my day's ruined , with this news!! I always wanted another gun it was great!!the first true open world Wild West game was this one!! Wish treyarc took this!!

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The story is too old to be commented.