OXM UK: Supreme Commander - A bigger, brainier strategy game arrives on the Xbox 360

OXM UK writes: "And so, the gold rush continues. RTS was once a genre that was branded with the slogan 'PC Not Console' (due to memory and control constraints). That's all about to change, though. It won't be too much longer before you find it impossible to move around the dusty carpets of your local GAME for tripping over an RTS game.

It's easy to get muddled up between your Universe Of Middle-Earths and Command & Conflicts, but what matters is the RTS genre is suddenly hip, it's trendy and it's clearly comfortable on its new console home.

Supreme Commander is the latest game to try and spin a PC real-time strategy game into Xbox 360's loving arms without hitting those review minefields on the way, such as "terrible graphics" or "clunky controls"."

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