Shadow Of Mordor Looks Like it Could Be Game of The Year

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor seems to be going a little under the radar for a game made by F.E.A.R. developers, Monolith, that is supposed to be out in late September. However, PlayStationing honestly believe that this game could be a definite Game of The Year contender, and it’s got nothing to do with the Nemesis System.

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ArchangelMike1593d ago

It'll be up against Destiny in my book. And if the overall Beta reception is anything to go by, then Shadow of Mordor has it's work cut out for it!

camel_toad1593d ago

Absolutely nothing at all against Destiny but has a multiplayer-only game ever been GOTY? I for one am really looking forward to both games.

andydalum1593d ago

It's not like we have seen a myriad of games that are only online. This is a newer concept for consoles that is. Just food for thought.

ThatOneGuyThere1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

BF1942 got several game of the year awards. This would only be a new concept for consoles. Also, "EverQuest has earned numerous awards, including 1999 GameSpot Game of the Year" - wikipedia. There are dozens if not more PC online-only games to have received that award from a magazine.

camel_toad1593d ago


Ah well those 2 are certainly understandable.

MysticStrummer1593d ago

Planetside 2 won several GotY awards as well.

frenchtoast1593d ago

Warhawk should have if it didn't.

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Thatguy-3101593d ago

You can't count out Far cry 4 or is that still scheduled for this year?

Bigpappy1593d ago

No need to over hype the game. There is no way on earth to gage if this is even a good game, without at least getting some good hands-on.

Having said that, it seems very ambitious and deep. So if everything works as expected, it could very well be a great game. But we still have that big "if" sitting right up front.

gaffyh1593d ago

Previews have already been very good, won a lot of Best of Show awards at E3. Also can't really overhype a game, when there is no hype in the first place!

BiggerBoss1593d ago

I must've missed updates on this game. Last I saw it looked like a blatant Assassins Creed clone with LOTR skin. As a huge Tolkien fan though, I hope the game is good and that they're loyal to the lore.

Pintheshadows1593d ago

'Last I saw it looked like a blatant Assassins Creed clone with LOTR skin'.

Sign me up.

frenchtoast1593d ago

@pin- Lol ain't that the truth. That sounds awesome.

Tuatara1593d ago

Well Celebrimbor and Annatar(Sauron) are in it so get hyped

BiggerBoss1593d ago

@tuatara. That's definitely got me interested. Although celebrimbor died in the second age so how does that work? Is he like a ghost form or something? I'm definitely gonna keep an eye out for this game though

Tuatara1592d ago

Celebrimbor was tortured an killed by Sauron who cursed him, just like how Sauron cursed the ring wraiths, this would have explained how he is still in middle earth; Celebrimbor is a descendent of Feanor who are all cursed by Mandos so that could be another reason why he's still in middle earth

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700p1593d ago

This game has the potential to be a sleeper hit.

wsoutlaw871593d ago

I just hope the game is as deep as they are making it out to be and not just a gimmick like depth. If the game can live up to its own promises then ya, it has a chance for some goty awards.

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gamer11381593d ago

With Evolve out of the way it sure has got a shot!

DaleCooper1593d ago

I'm really hoping this game is great, of course I hope all games are great. It's just all the games I wanted for Fall have been delayed so this one's looking like it will take the place of those other ones.

Artista 1593d ago

Don't ruin this game for me with this hype sh!t.. damn

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