Get Your Halo: The Master Chief Collection Limited Edition Exclusively From GAME

The hardware and games retailer GAME just posted on twitter about the Halo Master Chief Collection: Limited Edition that will be exclusively available through them which also contains extra goodies.

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andydalum1591d ago

So this is only a UK thing ?

LAWSON721591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Probably to add to the Gamescom event coming up so MS got focus on EU, though I doubt UK will be the only one getting a limited edition. Besides IMO this is kind of lame

BX811591d ago

Yeah, I was saying the same. Lame. It has to be better imo.

iNFAMOUZ11591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

one does not just simply buy halo

ShaqSoda1591d ago

They cannot NOT make a US collectors edition...right?

-Foxtrot1591d ago

£169.99 for the Statue edition...are they having a bloody laugh.

Jeez and it's already sold out. I thought it would of still been in stock and lowered in price

Still going to get the Steelbook edition so I can keep it until the day I finally can justify getting an Xbox One.

LAWSON721591d ago

Where is that expensive edition in the link?

-Foxtrot1591d ago

Doesn't seem to be on. I thought they would of added it.

Here it is