Resident Evil HD "Remaster" Screenshot Comparison Shows Improved Lighting And Textures

Earlier today, Capcom announced that they will be releasing a remastered version of Resident Evil across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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DevilOgreFish1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

mega disappointed about this. They had the option to consider a remake and yet, nope.

And also check this out,





Look at the backgrounds, they're 16:9 crops of 4:3 aspect. they're cropping it to make it feel like a Remaster.

Chard1590d ago

Holy sh*t that's a disgrace if true. Not entirely surprising though, given the poor treatment RE4 HD got on consoles.

Bubbamilk1590d ago

If that wasn't the case they would have remade re2 or 3 like people have been asking them to do for years.

So thanks for the info. I knew something was fishy about this.

equal_youth1590d ago

oh no i really hyped me up on this. if this is true i just need to get the gamecube remake.. i was planing to do so anyway.

Psygnosis3331590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

But how you will be able to fit 4:3 picture in 16:9 if u not crop?
maybe they should render the whole picture(3D scene) fullfill the mising side-parts..i think they didnt render they fotoshoped gamecube prerendered pictures insted of rendering from the begining

badz1491590d ago

Serious, do any of you guys honestly expected something really special? From CRAPCOM? just because it's a remastered, do you guys really think SCAMCOM would actually go the extra mile like ND with TLoU?

Seriously, this reeks like a scam since the announcement!

Deadpoolio1590d ago Show
Panthers1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Even if they are not putting much effort into putting in on new consoles, that should not deter anyone from getting this, especially if you have not played it before.

Its the best Resident Evil and only a small percentage of people got to play it because it was exclusive to the Gamecube. Every RE fan should try this game. Its brilliant.

EDIT: forgot it was also released for Wii. But still, its an amazing game.

k3rn3ll1590d ago

So So let So let me get this str8, we're complaining that game that was originally redone in 2004 and is now redone 10 years later is lzy? Just because they aren't as good a remaster of a game that is a year old and still has the same team/engine/assets in place?. Yea that's a Good way to compare

EeJLP-1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Garbage; chopped and stretched instead of adding the 'missing' side info. It's hella blurry too if those are legit screenshots. Piss poor effort by these devs.

Resident Evil: Unmastered Edition

EeJLP-1590d ago

Crushed blacks: (loss of detail in dark areas)

Constrast ratio turned up to 11:

TardcoreGamer1589d ago

A Remaster of a Remake. SMH.

UltraNova1589d ago

We are now in the remaster remastering business, pun duly intended...

Regardless, I'll get it when its dirt cheap just to remember the good old days..

OpenGL1589d ago

I can't say that I'm surprised honestly, it looks like they didn't even make anything new but instead had the higher resolution original assets from the Gamecube version on a server somewhere, and they just decided to release it in a game 12 years later.

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gangsta_red1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Looks good! But I would have preferred RE2, or 3 or Veronica to get the update, HD, Remastered, Super Ultra Remix treatment.

Gamer19821589d ago

Gotta start somehwere thoguh right?? Why not start at 1 and if it sells well then do 2,3 CV

OpenGL1589d ago

They're doing this version because it's the least amount of work, all of the backgrounds and character models are the same, they're just using the higher resolution backgrounds that were used during development.

I'd expect Resident Evil Zero to get similar treatment before 2 or 3.

josephayal1590d ago

16:9 meh! cant wait for this game

ramiuk11590d ago

a remaster across all those platforms.
no way .
pointless with a game like this.

what a waste of money and time

Gamer19821589d ago

Easy and cheap to do and will sell bucketloads to those who dont stop moaning they want Resident Evil games like they used to be.. Dont get me wrong I would like it but they don't stop moaning.. Resident Evil has evolved get used to it..

lizard812881589d ago

Not all platforms. Oddly enough, despite it being a GCN exclusive back in the day, this isn't coming to a Nintendo console...

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Neonridr1590d ago

I should hope it shows improvements. The Wii version was just the Gamecube version with enhanced controls and possibly 16:9 support and 480p (if the Gamecube version didn't support either of those).

At least Capcom has decided that RE4 has had enough remakes and now it is time for another game to get its turn. :P

Resident Evil is awesome, and I am glad to see it get a little more love.

GortJester1590d ago

You beat me to it sir. I read the title and thought "Ummm, yes?" I mean, I would like to think that between 2 generations would make a big difference...

Concertoine1590d ago

I have the wii version just to play it on the gamepad using the BC.

It is an absolute travesty the Wii U isn't getting this and Nintendo should slap down some money to get it.

MSBAUSTX1590d ago

Your reply was posted the same time I was making the same point. I fail to see how the Wii U couldnt support the screenshots I have just seen. Looks very similar to revelations which I thought was really good. Nintendo needs to step up for this one. It would sell. If it doesnt come to Wii U i will still buy it.

Randostar1590d ago

Capcom is in to dire of straights right now, They need lots of cash and i guarantee nintendo wouldn't give them enough for exclusivity rights.

Concertoine1589d ago


Im not referring to exclusivity rights. Im talking about for a port. MS used to buy ports all the time.

lizard812881589d ago

Agreed. This is a GCN game we are talking about. flip, it should run on the 3DS.

Then Again, Capcom always gives Nintendo the shaft. The Wii missed out on a bunch of multiplats and the GCN exclusives were soon ported, despite being for Nintendo only.

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GortJester1590d ago

On this note, seriously, where is RE2 or RE3 remakes?

scark921590d ago

I guess Resi 1 is easier as Resi 2 and 3 pack alot more content, lets hope they do get remasters tho, as they are both enjoyable, hated getting chased by Nemisis, true survival horror right there!

Randostar1589d ago

"Proceed to shit my own pants"

TheFox871590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It is probably because this is based off the Gamecube version of the game, rather than the original. To do two and three would be a bigger undertaking. Still I would have liked to see it happen. Hopefully if this is popular they will follow.

scark921589d ago

Yes! and hopefully Capcom will ignore the gamers saying to not to remake the games and make new games instead, in which they still proceed on doing.

MSBAUSTX1590d ago

I actually dont remember the Wii version looking that good. But the remaster looks good and should feel like a new experience with addition of better visuals. I dont quite understand why the Wii U didnt get a release on this. Revelations is awesome and looks pretty much exactly what the remaster looks like in these screen shots. Oh well. I will get it on my other system I guess.

GordonKnight1590d ago

I agree with you, but I will be calling both Capcom & Nintendo tomorrow. They will hear my complaint.

It's already sucks that all RPGs don't come to the Wii U.

nope1111590d ago

Damn, REmake is still a stunning looking game on the Wii.

Studio-YaMi1590d ago

Actually I like the softness of the Wii version,why are the textures on the remastered ver. so damn rough to my eyes?? u_U

Akarogg 1589d ago

Crushed blacks. High contrast.