Pay TV service Starz Play launches onto Xbox One

Starz announced that Starz Play, the authenticated online premium streaming TV service, has on the Xbox One with similar services Encore Play and Movieplex Play expected by year's end.

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donthate1446d ago

There isn't a week that goes by, that Xbox One has some faboulus new feature added.

The breathtaking pace of it all is nothing sort of amazing. Xbox 360 evolving so much last generation, and to see the Xbox One taking it up to the next level like this makes me a happy owner.

hkgamer1446d ago

doesnt hurt to have another streaming service.

though it does seem like the us is bloody competitive in a sense.

scotmacb1446d ago

xbox one just gets better all th time

zsquaresoff1446d ago

It's like the words pay and xbone go hand in hand.

DLConspiracy1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

PS Now. They all do it. Consoles are made for transactions in the home.

Godmars2901446d ago

Except with Xbox, you had to pay for XBL Gold before you could get to other paid services. Or ones which were free on other devices.

Come to think of it, does this need XBL Gold?

Fishy Fingers1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Key word being, 'had'.

Godmars2901446d ago

@Fishy Fingers:
Key point being that some services could still require XBL Gold and some not and it wouldn't be properly reported. Given that in the loooooong held argument concerning this many in the Xbox drew no distinction between having to pay for gold or not.

Hell, DLConspiracy is trying to draw a comparison to this and PS Now - and unless PS Now requires PS+ to even access, that has nothing to do with this.

DLConspiracy1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


It's a moot point now.

1. They probably won't need to have XBL in order to use it (can't say, but it's a trend). As it's a sort of partnership.

2. Nobody buys XBL solely to watch Netflix, HULU or any of the other apps. They buy it for online gaming, chat and now GwG.

My point was, that consoles have apps, music services, VOD movies, TV shows, partnerships and applications, games and a whole myriad of content so they can all make money. Whether it's behind the scenes with a contract, license, partnership or split up to make a profit with low overhead. It's essentially a phone to make compulsive (I need it now) purchases.

However, Starz you need to pay for the cable tv in order to use it. Still it doesn't hurt for them to promote it so people show interest. Cable TV is dying off and they want people to subscribe.

Godmars2901446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

My point is that XBL gold should have only ever been for online gaming support. That 3rd party media apps should never have been put behind it but where.

Now MS have reversed themselves on that, but as I recall the original announcement they were only applying it to specific apps like Hulu and Netflix. That they could still have apps behind a paywall, but because a majority of Xbox supporters including game journalist never seemed to understand the original compliant, they might not notice or bother to ask much less report it.

That you used PS Now and Games with Gold as a comparison, neither of which have absolutely NOTHING to do with media apps, tells me that you don't comprehend the issue.

DLConspiracy1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


I can Comprehend just fine. PS Now costs too much. Most agree. Why? PS wants money. Synonymous with "pay" and/or consoles. Refer to the original comment or who I was responding to. Not you.

What does "It's like the words pay and xbone go hand in hand." Have anything to do with this article? Why are you being defensive about the matter? Why are you saying I don't know how to comprehend someone's comment? Why are you bringing up paywalls when we don't even know if its behind one? Let's at least try to be polite.

Godmars2901445d ago

How am I being defensive about it? I'm asking "Is Stars behind an unnecessary paywall?" because there seems to be no answer. That when it was "Why is Netflix behind a paywall?" the response came from gamers who can't sympathize with consumers as MS tries to sell Xboxs to them *over* gamers.

And when it was Netflix, the paywall was indeed a factor. It may have been exclusive to the 360 for a nearly a year, was a PR talking point, but beyond marketing it a worthless value. When Netflix became more available, when it went to the PS3 which had no app paywall, people dropped XBL subscriptions.

So my overall point is that if this isn't an upfront deal, if people find out after the fact of buying an XB1 or 360 that in addition to their cable bill they'll have to pay more to use the console as advertised, its going to reflect badly on MS. Game journalist as well, because they didn't do their job.

And I do apologize for coming off as impolite, but then I've been having this exact same argument for *YEARS*. The opposing side wants to see "their" console do well, can't seem to understand why its not, willfully don't seem to see obvious problems just like MS can't see or understand them, and take any criticism as "trolling".

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Chrisgamerguy1446d ago

People already paying for stars like netflix or hulu it's separate

gamer78041446d ago

Cool but I won't really use this unti hbo and stsrs offer their service without a cable sub.

Fishermenofwar1446d ago

Don't people know about XMBC?