GameStop Is Overhauling Trade-Ins, Will Offer More Money

GameStop is overhauling trade-ins and launching a new program that will wind up giving people more money for the games they sell, Kotaku has learned.

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thekhurg1590d ago

With EA and Microsoft actively trying to kill the used games industry, GameStop had absolutely no choice but to start offering more for trades.

OldDude1590d ago

And Amazon, Best Buy and just about everybody else under the sun.

C-H-E-F1590d ago

Yeah I trade with deals with them get about 80% of retail with them opposed to the gs

ABizzel11590d ago

Wal-Mart is actually decent too, at least better than GameStop, and you can get more stuff with a Wal-Mart gift card.

harrisk9541589d ago

Walmart is currently offering the best pricing on trade-ins.

700p1590d ago

Its also a smart move by gamestop. Wish they would've done this along time ago when i was actively selling my games to them.

Mikey322301590d ago

Many stores already offer higher trade-in values than gamestop.. and gamestop doesnt price match, so they are now playing catch up years later.

I dont know how much good it will do them.

Delive1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I'll wait and see because their idea may be $1 more. I would like to see more for newer games. $45 for a $60 game that's a week old would be better, but that is not happening.

TRD4L1fe1590d ago

the gamestop I go to offers $40 for games left than a month old

rainslacker1590d ago

Not to defend GS here, but they can get a brand new copy from the distributor for $50, possibly less with the volume they purchase at.

Since realistically if you are a PUR member, you can get used games for a bit over $50. This means they would make more off a new copy than a used one. That's good for the publisher of course, but means GS is taking a huge financial risk in buying used games, as many do not even sell, and eventually they have to drop the price.

The reason they make money, and the only reason they were able to survive this long, is the profits off of used games being so much more than that of new games.

Publishers could realistically kill the used game market for these companies just by offering a better retail mark up for the stores, because they can't operate off new sales alone. Would help if people were willing to spend more on games, but that's another discussion entirely.

OldDude1590d ago

Well they couldn't offer much less.

MCTJim1590d ago

LOL..that is the TRUTH!!

BillytheBarbarian1590d ago

Gamestop is a big reason games lose value so quickly

Spotie1590d ago

No. Way too many copies of annual franchises, combined with gamers burning through the basics of a game in a handful of days, has brought down the value of games.

Swiggins1590d ago

How do you figure that Billy? I'm genuinely curious.

BillytheBarbarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

They resell opened product as new. It's sad that they're getting away with it for so many years.

Also they give you under half of what they sell for. Poor kids getting ripped off all the time because they can't afford a new game without trading

Pillsbury11590d ago

I'm just gonna keep selling them on eBay, thanks.

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