Gaza conflict themed games are flooding App stores

As everyone with a working pair of eyes or ears has heard by now, Israel is embroiled with another bitter and tragic conflict with Hamas militants in the war-torn Gaza Strip. The death toll is as bad as it’s ever been, making sure that the conflict is front page news every day. To add salt into the wounds though, it seems a large number of mobile developers have started flooding the Apple App store and Google Play with politically charged games directly relating to the ongoing conflict. Here’s a short list of some of the horrifying games to make it on the stores in a past few weeks-


Mod Note: Let keep this about the games and try not to let the political aspect of this drag the conversation down please. There are other places on the internet you can do that.

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KwietStorm1510d ago

Disgusting. Reminds me of when people made 9/11 levels in littlebigplanet.

Septic1510d ago

Proof that there are morons in the world. What's happening over there is not a joke or a game for that matter. Scores of innocent women and children have been killed and injured in Gaza and if you guys have followed some of the stuff that has happened, and seen some of the footage (that mainstream news channels won't show), you should would be shocked to the core.

What's happening there is a tragedy. The people who make these games deserve more than a smack in the face. If only there was more accountability online.

SoapShoes1510d ago

Very true, I just can't comprehend people.

egidem1510d ago

The internet never fails to disappoint.

SnakeCQC1510d ago ShowReplies(1)
1510d ago
chrissx1510d ago

This is proof hw messed up our world is

GreenRanger1510d ago

Why the hell did Google and Apple allow these games to be released on their stores?

1nsaint1510d ago

google doesn't check until they get a report. but yeah how did apple allow this, lesser things have been denied

Mexxan1510d ago

Sometimes, you've got to see just how far the rabbit hole goes...

Hendrickson1510d ago

Yes I agree, why the hell did they even let them be released on their stores?

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