How Long Can Call Of Duty Stay On Top?

Summer vacation is half done, and all eyes are turning to November, when Call of Duty releases its latest iteration, Advanced Warfare. This year, as with past years, when the game hits shelves, at least 10 million people around the world are going to buy it for whatever machine they own. Activision is already digging up several holes to make room for the new pools full of money they’ll be swimming in, while lighting up victory cigars with $100 bills. There’s simply no question that in terms of sales, COD is the king. But for how much longer?

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user74029311446d ago

it started on the bottom and has been downhill ever since. (quality wise)

JackOfAllBlades1446d ago

It's been rehash after rehash but Advanced Warfare looks interesting for sure

-Foxtrot1446d ago

Hopefully the final nail will be put in it's coffin this year

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3-4-51446d ago

There really isn't any GREAT or even really good FPS games out right now.

We keep saying mediocre games are good, but we need to realize what we've been playing can be much better.

OrangePowerz1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Because you don't like it? I wasn't a fan of Ghosts, but I had a blast with the other CoDs and given how much time I spent playing online I got my moneys worth easily.



Look how many copies they sell versus how many people complain online? The people complaining are in a huge minority.

Don't like it don't buy it.

-Foxtrot1446d ago

Yes...because I am the ONLY ONE who doesn't like COD /s

Swiggins1445d ago

You're not the only one, but the people who don't like CoD are almost always more annoyingly vocal than those who do.

Don't like it, fair enough that's your right. Don't try and drag people down about it though.

-Foxtrot1445d ago

Want to know why it sells....because people who don't really play on video games much play on it just to fit in with social crowds who are talking about it.

They are sheep following the latest craze. Most people for those reasons won't even play on it that much, only to proudly state they DO play on it to "fit in"

OrangePowerz1445d ago

I play tons of games and I love games like Dark Souls, yet I still enjoy playing CoD online. It's something I can play for half an hour so and get some good games in. It's like Quake or UT, easy and quick to pick up. Also important is that it works on launch and I don't have to wait half a year before it's playable. EA killed BF for me by forcing DICE to release before CoD.

Most of them have also an enjoyable campaign, they are not cerebral but decent action fun like a summer action flick and particularly Treyarch does some rather good singleplayer campaigns.

If they would be all the same there wouldn't be a difference between what CoD game I like and which one I don't.

On top they cpuld make the best game ever and it would still get the same hate because it's called CoD. I haven't played tye new one and I don't think you have either and we haven't seen much especially no multiplayer yet. I'm not saying the next one will be awesome, for all we know it could turn out like Ghosts, but so far it looks interesting and I will give it a try when it comes out. That's nothing to do with being a sheep but they usually give me what I want for online play.

There are people who say they are always the same, but each one so far playes quite different from each other and if you want to play well you still need skill.

I don't think most people get CoD just to fit in but because they enjoy playing it online. If other companies can make an enjoyable online FPS they will get my money as well. Evolve will get my money and I will spend money on the next UT and also plan on making content for it. EA won't get my money for BF any time soon and despite of how much I like Star Wars I'm not sure if I should buy Battlefront after all the BF4 crap I had to put up woth while their executives state that there are no problems with the game.

TheSaint1445d ago

'Don't like it don't buy it.'

Is that what you say to your parents when they question you about buying it for you?

CoD is a kids game these days, that's why it gets more casual with very iteration.

OrangePowerz1445d ago


Funny guy, you should do some stand up comedy. I'm well over 30.

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700p1445d ago

It wont go down anytime soon because casuals will ALWAYS buy call of duty.

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Gatsu1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

How long can CoD stay on top or interesting...wait a sec it never was, at least for me. Got nothing against new games, but I think it's time for a new fresh game series instead of the never ending FPS shooters. But milk the $-cow while you can I guess. I just don't get why someone likes these games, is it the multiplayer? I rather play games which are so special that I remember after many years, I mean like story and characters etc...

GarrusVakarian1446d ago

Lol, wut? Both BF4 and Titanfall are superior to the latest CoD.

If Advanced Warfare doesn't bring the good, this franchise is done.

Corpser1446d ago

lol no, Ghosts is the #1 selling ps4 game and #2 xb1 game

GarrusVakarian1445d ago

So what? Ghosts is garbage in comparison to BF4 and TF when it comes to gameplay and fun-factor. No amount of sales can change that.

People saying it holds the crown just because it sells more is hilarious. What a shallow factor in determining a games success. Garbage sells in this day and age, in all mediums, sales have never meant less than what they do today.

DeadlyOreo1446d ago

What's this obsession with people wanting Cod to be done haha? It's not going anywhere, it's still selling heap loads more than anything around. Cod existing does not affect you, just don't buy it and leave it at that.

GarrusVakarian1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Learn to read, I didn't say I wanted it to be done. If anything, I hope it gets better. MW2 and CoD 4 are two of my all time favourite games. I just know that if they carry on pumping out garbage like Ghosts, it will get discarded and replaced by greater games...which, IMO, has already started to happen with the games I mentioned.

Swiggins1445d ago

Titanfall might have been better, but BF should't be compared to CoD in any way, the games are just way to different...they have different pacing, different gunplay.

While sales shouldn't be the SOLE factor for determining the quality of something; people forget that sometimes popular things are popular for a reason...sometimes.

aquamala1445d ago

the point is how can the franchise be "done" when it's selling so well? from Activision's earning report today

"Life to date, Activision Publishing’s Call of Duty: Ghosts remained the #1 best-selling game on the next-generation consoles in North America and Europe combined."

Johnsonparts231445d ago

lol maybe Titanfall even though it's too barebones, but BF4? omg that was/is the worst game of the year. Couldn't even play it for what, 5 months after launch?

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Kevlar0091446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Battlefield has been its stiffest competition and it's been going to crap the past 2 years, EA really screwed its image with the server problems and lies. CoD looks to be bigger and better than last year with AW, where hardline is more on par with an expansion pack.

Say what you will about CoD quality or innovation, but what they show you is what you get and the games run fine (their hype is a little humorous, but that just because Infinity Ward has gone to crap). Still not sure about AW, but if there is a WiiU version and the game is back above MW3 quality I will probably get it. MW2 was well deserving of its scores and one of my favorite games, I hold every CoD game since its release to MW2's standards.

CoD is heavily ingrained into popular culture, I don't see it dieing down if they can increase the quality with AW.

chrisarsenalsavart1446d ago

I m not a fan of cod myself but I completely agree with u on that point.

Oschino19071445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

MW2 had easily the most technical problems and the most obvious balancing issues along with glitches and exploits out the wazoo compared to any other COD after COD 4.

So how is it that MW2 sets the standard?

IMO while [email protected], MW2 and BO each have their own strong points and things they did better over other CODs since, they were easily the biggest messes in many areas as well and by far ran more off hype/fad purchases.

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