Mortal Kombat X Trailer Features The 3 Variations Of Raiden

One Angry Gamer "In the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, there are three play-style variations for each pugilist. This opens up the fighter to be played in more than one way, and easily enables players to take a once beaten character and potentially find a weak spot in their opponent by switching styles and freeing up more options to tactically overtake a foe. We get to see exactly how this new feature plays out with a trailer detailing Raiden’s three new fighting styles."

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CertifiedGamer1446d ago

MKX does not look next-gen at all. The graphics at most .10% better than MK9. I want a real next gen MK experience.

WilliamUsher1446d ago

A lot of it is in the effects, the frame-rate consistency and animation transitions.

I loved MK9 but you could easily see the graphical limitations, especially during close-ups.

JackOfAllBlades1446d ago

Yeah it'll be fun either way

kennyg37391446d ago

How do you come up with a random number like .10%?

SugarSoSweet1446d ago

That's what happens when ur shit is cross gen....

CloudRap1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Of all the genres fighting games are the most stagnant same rehashed crap every gen

Software_Lover1446d ago

I would say racing. Everything just gets prettier.

ArtificiallyYours1446d ago

As awesome as the style variations are... I'd like to see the alternate uniforms. MK1 style Raiden would be cool in a newer engine.

georgenancy1446d ago

kotal kahn the new emperor of outworld sounds like a badass and looks like one too,love the tattoos

Drithe1446d ago

I am so going to kick everyone of your asses in ... MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

End of line.

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