Metal Gear Solid on PS4 triples Xbox One version sales


"The Metal Gear Solid series has always been most closely associated with Sony's PlayStation consoles, and that trend appears to be following through into the current generation. Konami today reported its financial results for the three months ended June 30, revealing in the process that the multiplatform Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sold three times as many copies on PlayStation 4 as it did on Xbox One during the first fiscal quarter"

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Majin-vegeta1594d ago

No surprise there,MGS is more associated with the PS brand than anything.

n4gamingm1594d ago

whats more surprising is people bought this overpriced demo.

randomass1711594d ago

I'm going to have to agree. The amount of content did not justify paying $30. The Oddworld remake is worth that much and has much more content.

THC CELL1594d ago

Cry moar, next major metal gear ps4 only confirmed

Mr Pumblechook1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Two things that would have led to PlayStation 4 edition having sold more copies:

1) The PlayStation 4 has a larger install base.

2) The PlayStation 4 and XB one version cost the same. But the PS4 version runs at 1080p 60fps and the XB one version at 720p 60fps. If XB one is the only console you own then you take what you can get (and you'd experience the same game world), but if you own both new-gen systems you would obviously get the best looking version you can.

* Now that Microsoft have given back Kinect system resources to developers the XB one version should visibly get an upgrade, possibly 900p 60fps, maybe even 1080p 60fps (what exactly we'll have to wait and see). Before anybody says 'resolution doesn't matter', I would say it does and a resolution bump will be a big benefit.

ThePope1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

You're funny. You attempt to try and state (in an effort to make people believe you, or for some other reason) that a game thats 6 months away has already had resolution set. Stop being a hater.

You know what makes me want to get it for the X1 is that I can game for more than 6 hours without having to plug my controller in because its dead

Highlife1594d ago

Really? Six straight hours? I'll get the PS4 version of any multiplat better version ever time.

Lenrulesdaworld1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Those are my thoughts, xbox gamers weren't stupid enough to spend $30 on a demo. Which i beat in 10 minutes from gamefly, but I will be buying phantom pain. I never missed a console metal gear wont start now.

re2_apocalypse1594d ago

@ThePope Whoh.... He mad... Lol

Utalkin2me1594d ago


Buying multiple consoles due to RROD.
Paying strictly for online with no other benefit.
Having to buy rechargeable batteries or packs for controllers.
Buying extremely expensive proprietary HDD.
Upgrading your console cause it didn't have a full feature set, such as HDMI or wireless.

But i agree paying 30 bucks for a demo is crazy *rollseyes*.

SilentNegotiator1593d ago

It was like, $20-30 and was way more than a demo.

Septic1593d ago

"It was like, $20-30"

Way too high.

Spotie1593d ago

I'm waiting on someone to give an example of a demo that provided as much content.

1593d ago
UnHoly_One1593d ago

I recently played a free beta for Destiny that had more content.

Gamer19821593d ago

The Xbox gamers cry for Metal Gear then don't buy it.. Lets be honest though its not a shooter did it really have a good chance of matching or beating ps4 sales?? As anything outside a shooter has trouble selling well on xbox (with a few exceptions for various reasons) and the same is on ps4 with shooters selling less however with a lot of xbox gamers migrating to ps4 that will change and there will be a more rounded audience.

Kavorklestein1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

@Utalkin2me -
Says the same guy who probably could have bought 2 xbox 360's for the cost of one PS3.
And conveniently forgets that PS+ exists because PSN security was GARBAGE, and Unstable for months at a time, had very few good exclusive games to play for 2+ years, and is home to a glorified Wii remote.

PX541593d ago

overpriced demo? - I've had more fun with this than practically every full priced game released on the new generation so far.
You clearly didn't experience the game, if you even played it you just went through it from start to finish, you're obviously not a fan of the series or gaming in general if you only want to finish the main story once, and feel that's getting your moneys worth on ANY title.
All the 'side' missions contain story elements you just have to find them.
The way I saw it was if this is how much they are charging for GZ then TPP is going to be a bargain at over 500x the size and barely 2x the price.

UltraNova1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I'm playing GZ right now and let me tell you as a die hard fan of the series the new direction taken is awesome! The only gripe I have is with Snake's running animation and ground interaction, its too stiff for me and the direction movement is almost what you'd expect from ps2 titles, that immediate jerky direction change on axis. I don't know maybe Assassins Creed's animation spoiled me...

As for the game selling triple the amount on ps4 is hardly a surprise. Xbox was and still is for gamers preferring shooter type games not games heavy on stealth and tactical gameplay.

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Darrius Cole1594d ago

In other news, water is wet.

Other outlets are reporting that fire is hot.

Next up, is fat meat greasy when you cook it.

phantomxll1594d ago

I only had the Xbox One at the time this came out, and my thought process was why pay $30 for this demo when I can spend the money on an entire game. I have both consoles now and im still not getting it. Maybe when it drops down to $15.... maybe even $20.

Sayai jin1593d ago

I own both too. Not worth it even at $20.

spacedelete1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

if only MGS5 was only on PS4 as MGS4 was only on PS3. the Xbox owners only play shooters and the PS3 version didn't even sell that well. they could have made the PS4 version even better than it already was as it was already 1080p and 60fps.

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Dlacy13g1594d ago

I am more shocked that this actually sold copies. As noted by others, it basically was a $30 demo. Sure you could replay it but ultimately it just felt like a cash grab by Konami.

BattleTorn1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I totally thought that way - as a non-MGS fan.

But then there were dry weeks, so I bought it.

Its' value definitely hinges on re-play. And the "main mission" with end credits is just as long/short as all the other side-missions.
(as in the "main mission" is really only 1/6 equally length mission. And some people buy it to play the main one and don't give second thought to the side-missions.)

All in all, I'll pay $30 for a AAA-quality over $20 2D-indies - ALL DAY LONG.

I'll play indies if they're given with PS+ - but even then I barely touch em. And most are priced as $14.99-$19.99.

TL;DR - If I only had $30 to spend, it'd be on Ground Zeroes over most other similarly priced content.

PX541593d ago

Isn't the value in every game from replaying? Even if that's only online multiplayer - you're replaying the same maps over and over in different ways.

I can understand the 'demo' statement as GZ was designed to teach everyone the new techniques found in TPP but there's far more content than people seem to think - i've spent more time playing GZ than Watch Dogs, and i've completed the story and all side missions on Watch Dogs. There's story elements to all the side missions in GZ you just have to find them.
Not to mention your progress in GZ links to TPP - for example the people you extracted will be at your Mother Base

dmeador1593d ago

@PX54 Wait, what? There is no way you completed Watch Dogs 100%, and put the same amount of time into GZ unless you are just replaying the crap out of it for.. what 40+ hours?

thehobbyist1593d ago

Whatever, it was still good. Even if it wasn't worth $30 in the eyes of others. Seven hours and 100% completion later I enjoyed it.

funkybudda1594d ago

Got a deal from newegg with pre-order and $5 gift card plus free shipping. Quality of the game was top notch, I didnt regret it. beats paying $15 indie game with graphics that I dont even care for. I dont need to mention gameplay because we all know MGS series have great gameplay.

EinRobot1594d ago

Makes sense though, considering the fact that there are more ps4s out there then xboxones.

ShinMaster1593d ago

That has little to do with it. Metal Gear has historically sold more on PS platforms than Nintendo and Xbox platforms combined.

Dewitt1594d ago

You know it's ridiculous when they show a guy beat it in 11 minutes. Serious $30 for this demo was beyond ludicrous.

porkChop1594d ago

I watched a guy beat it live on PS4 in just under 5 minutes. Yes, the game is replayable, but I shouldn't have to replay a game just to feel it was worth the price. I regret buying GZ, and I only really paid $20 for it. Way too short, didn't feel like an MGS game, and Kiefer's Big Boss is horrible. GZ completely put me off buying The Phantom Pain.

PX541593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

You can complete any game really quick if you rush through everything ignoring any cutscene (ok maybe not 5 minutes) But you should know from previous MGS games it's as much about the cutscenes as the gameplay. Plus it helps to know where everything is, so those who completed it in 5 minutes obviously are re-playing the level to see how quick they can do it.

There's more content than people think in GZ, mainly because it will connect to TPP and things like the people you extracted will appear at your Mother Base, plus there's story elements in all the side missions you just have to find them.

The majority of games values are based on replayability - example, sports and FPS games. People play sports games and do seasons buying and selling players over and over, people play FPS games and constantly do the same maps killing people over and over - there's no difference really

DarXyde1594d ago

Not that I disagree, but don't forget a lot of people paid $70 for Modern Warfare 2, only to play multiplayer.

It was priced higher than a standard XBOX 260/PlayStation 3 game and recycled artifacts in the single player campaign that only a fraction of gamers actually beat. People still ate it up.

I'd say it's comparable robbery. I still bought Ground Zeroes though. I actually don't regret it. Was it smart? No, but I really like the new mechanics and I need to keep playing it to get better at the new way of doing things.

Side note: Only 3 times as many copies sold actually surprises me for some reason.

SilentNegotiator1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

You can beat Fallout 3 in a few minutes, too. Is FO3 a ripoff?

spacedelete1593d ago

how can you beat Fallout 3 in a few minutes seriously ?

porkChop1592d ago

You're comparing a 75 minute speedrun of Fallout 3 using exploits, to a game that can be completed in under 5. Huge difference there.

BattleTorn1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I criticized the game too before I bought it.

People largely misunderstand the game's re-playability. (hear me out)

When people say you can "replay it" - people assume you mean re-playing, walking in the foot steps, of the exact mission you have already beaten.

But really the "main mission" of GZ is 1 of 6 missions. Oddly though, credits roll after playing the first. This would give most players the impression that they've seen, and played every mission - when in fact, they have played 1/6.

The other missions do share the same locale, but the variation in weather and time of day really sets them apart.

After having played it, I see it as a huge fan service by Kojima. (and I'm not even a big MGS fan)
We had two scenarios, 1. he makes everyone wait another 12-months for his game, while there is seriously nothing to play on PS4
or 2. he releases what of Phantom Pain he has finished to give his fans a taste, and to put them over throughout their drought of releases.

Personally, I think he took a big risk (of seemingly stiffing his customers) in order to deliver a huge fan service to MGS diehards.

If you are MGS diehard(!) Ground Zeroes will undoubtedly help - however much - in your wait for Phantom Pain. I can imagine there are diehards that will re-play GZ over and over until PP releases.

SINISTERGENESIS1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

W w w w well said .... I enjoyed it and really could give a rats ass about whoever just ran through it as fast as they could just to say I beat it in bla bla bla time... It left me wanting more but like Battletorn said, it was well made and it certainly added some much needed moisture to a dry launch of games that were rushed out instead of being thought out and where gameplay/content was left on the back burner just to focus on better graphics ( I'm looking at you BF4,KZ,ISS...).

Alsybub1593d ago

I saw a speed run of Ocarina of Time in 18 minutes the other day.

If you look at the fact that it's possible to complete it in a few minutes then you're missing the point. You get out what you put in.

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