Gaming on the go: Is the PSP a better portable system than the DS?

Gaming Verdict breaches the sensitive subject of which is the better portable console, deciding that overall the PSP just scrapes a win over Nintendo's excellent fliptop handheld.

"I love the DS, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Overall, I'd have to say it's without a doubt a better console than the PSP simply because of its excellent games catalogue and innovative charms. But the best portable console? That honour most certainly goes to the PSP."

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Shadow Flare3836d ago

I'd say so and i could list a plethora of reasons why. But personally my favourite reason is the compatibility with ps3 and the ability to transfer psone/psp games bought from the psn store onto the psp. Whew, that's alot of ps's.

CrashSharc3836d ago

As a hardcore gamer, Yes. The PSP is much better. I just wish More devs would work with it. Damn the Piracy Crisis....

PS360WII3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

As a big time RPG player I would have to side with the DS.

I can see what this guy is saying but I still disagree because long trips on the road have not made the stylus un-usable. Actually when riding around I get more problems with how the light shines on the system then pressing buttons or using the stylus

MikeGdaGod3836d ago

i'd take the PSP over the DS anyday and 100x's more on vacations.

it's a great all-in-one

Doppy3836d ago

The DS has better games to me since their 1st party games are tailored to work extremely well on the DS (PSP has a few like GOW), but all the things the PSP can do make it a much better system than the DS without a doubt. Just get more games PSP.

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BrotherNick3836d ago

Whoever made this is for sure flamebaiting...the title is "Verdict: Gaming on the go" It does say something about the psp being better, but that's not in the title.

Jam_sponge3836d ago

Yeah I know- it's actually a case of a formatting issue on our site, If I put the whole title in one line it would screw up the presentation- so the second half of the title (which clearly states something similar to the description above) can be seen on the main page of the site @, but won't appear when you directly link to the article.

It's essentially an issue we've got with the way the site's coded, and we're looking to fix it, but 'Verdict: Gaming on the go' is actually only half of the articles' title.

Jam_sponge3836d ago

I feel bad though, had loads of complaints about it! It's fair enough though, I would have taken the same stance exactly. I'll be more careful in the future though, I promise! :)

DJ3836d ago

And having the same Quick Boot function makes sure that any game, no matter how small or epic, can be taken in digestible chunks. I like my DS too, but the PSP's games are just more advanced. The music playback is surprisingly good as well, at least better than my iPod.

SaiyanFury3836d ago

Totally agreed. I've been playing Disgaea PSP for a few months now and I've just broken over 100 hours. The standby function of the PSP is a brilliant addition and the fact that it doesn't consume battery life is also awesome. The DS also has a standby function but for some reason it consumes battery life when in hibernation. Also the PSP's battery life may be a bit short, but you can also buy the upgraded battery for like 40 bucks or something and it increases the system's lifespan a good 20%. I wouldn't go so far as to say the games library is better than the DS, but it certainly has it's gems. Disgaea, Crisis Core: FFVII, God of War and many others. There are a lot of great reasons to own the system. Hell, I bought a second PSP just so I could use homebrew on my first one for emulators and ROMs. I didn't want to take any risks with bricking it in case something screwed up. Good article! :)

SaiyanFury3836d ago

If you disagree then feel free to educate me on your own opinion.

wolfehound223836d ago

I think the PSP os better IMO.

whateva3836d ago

just the fact that I can go on youtube and play arcade games with my PSP makes it better then the DS.

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