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Abash1114d ago

I bet it's teasing Until Dawn PS4!

porkChop1114d ago

I'm thinking maybe Guerrilla's new IP. Until Dawn is a horror game that takes place in a forest with cabins and stuff. Doesn't really fit this trailer.

Niebotskick1114d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. Just look at this:

porkChop1114d ago

I was basing what I said on the original trailer. I forgot that the trailer had snow in it though.

rawz1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Definitely Until Dawn, there is no question about it. Snowdrop turning bloody and all, so it definitely seems like a horror title to me. Add snow and voilà, we have ourself a PS4 Until Dawn announcement.

NewMonday1114d ago


a while ago I read that the GG game had something related to cold or snow

FriedGoat1114d ago

I really hope they've changed the voice acting.

guitarded771114d ago

Yeah, Until Dawn was on the list as being there. I'm glad this game isn't dead. I'll be interested to see what's up with it. Wonder if it will have Move still. We need a good, new horror game.

Rumor1114d ago

come one people. its obviously frozen 2: revenge of the snowman the game

TenSteps1114d ago


"...Don't let go"

AngryTypingGuy1114d ago

Awwwwwwwww sheeeeit, Disney's Frozen, PS4 exclusive...CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1114d ago

i'm calling it, until dawn was supposed to be a first person psmove horror game. the only way it'd come out this late is if it's for ps4, and the only way people are going to play psmove on ps4 is with psmorpheus.

Until Dawn has been adapted for VR (morpheus)

AngelicIceDiamond1114d ago

"until dawn was supposed to be a first person psmove horror."

I remember that. Man that was a while ago I wonder why they put it on hold for so long?

jmac531114d ago

When was Until Dawn announced?

Douchebag6961114d ago

I really must make it to some of these events some day. Comic Con or E3. It would be awesome to see something like that live.

gamerfan09091114d ago

I've been to E3 a couple of times. It's fun, but really expensive. The lines are also unbearably long. The only thing I really flat out enjoyed about the event that's not really available online are the demos.

Douchebag6961114d ago

Let us not forget the Cosplay chicks. That's probably pretty cool too, right?

steven83r1114d ago

How much are you paying? Ya a lot of the demos are fun but there are sections that piss me off that are closed to everyone but media. Just a big tease of games you can't play. Morpheus was fun though.

grailly1114d ago

this year I got myself a press pass for gamescom from a friend's website. I have a meeting with Sony for an unannounced game, I'm so excited. I couldn't get into the conferences though :(

LAWSON721114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

E3 is more of a press event and requires an invite (to my knowledge). Comic Con or PAX would probably be more enjoyable for a consumer. I know what you mean though I would be psyched to go to a video game related convention

OrangePowerz1114d ago

You need to be accredited press or work in the industry outside of that there are some ways around it like when companies invite fans or have competitions where you can win a trip to E3.

Johnsonparts231114d ago

you can get in as a consumer, but it's like $800 and it's limited.

steven83r1114d ago

I go every year. It's not open to the public but you'd be surprised how many people are there that don't work in the industry. I would never buy a badge on craigslist though. They were checking people at the doors and asking ID to match your badge. Watched so many people get badge ripped off neck after paying some dude $200 outside lol.

WeAreLegion1114d ago

Finally went to E3 for the first time this year. It was a great experience, but the demos are pretty much all you're there for. I did get to meet Troy Baker and Conan O'Brien though. So, not a total loss. ;)

TheGrimReaper1114d ago

It's the same for gamescom. Playing demos or waiting for sneak previews of games.

(I've met Shuhei Yoshida at gamescom last year ^^")

WeAreLegion1114d ago

Lucky! I saw Shuhei from a distance, but never got anywhere near him. Same with Miyamoto.

SovereignSnaKe1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I do recommend Gamescom at least once, I went last year. I got invited to the closed Developers/Media day. That was an amazing Day as was Thursday. I also got to meet Suda 51 and Hideki Kamiya. Friday - Sunday however, is just ridiculous. I applaud Germany for handling that many people in a confined space, but yikes, those lines we're monstrous. Still kinda sad I'm not going in two weeks. :-/

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Destrania1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I must know what this is teasing now! God of War with Norse Mythology perhaps? Hmm..

S2Killinit1114d ago

That would be cool. GOW in a different time, place, and characters.


That's my guess as well, Kratos dragged himself off the cliff ( the rock he was laying on had a crack in the shape if a Phoenix , dunno how that fits besides ressurection ) and into the ocean and got frozen??? Dunno but the trailer did it's job and teased me if that counts. ;)

Hellsvacancy1114d ago

I assume this will be the first of a few teasers Sony will release leading up to Gamescom, I hope they're not all based on the same game, seems people here have already guessed it correctly

Sevir1114d ago

KILL STRAIN!!!! :) Either way.. excited for next week.