WWE 2K15 Roster: 13 Underrated Wrestlers That Need Upgrading

WC: Last year’s WWE 2K14 rating system was one of the few problems with the game. You had vastly overrated talent such as Ryback at a 90, compounded by errors with main event wrestling talent in the mid 80 ratings. How did 2K manage to make these glaring mistakes? It was all down to the game’s production dates. When 2K14 was being put together you had Ryback coming off a main even title feud. By the time the game was released, he was struggling to jerk the curtain. The same issue afflicted the game’s underrated wrestlers. This time last year, as 2K put the finishing touches to their game, you had a very different main event title scene. By the time the game was released in late October, the WWE roster had been shuffled significantly.

Those initial errors can now be corrected. Several superstars improved significantly over the last 12 months, which the ratings system can now update to fully reflect. There’s been several pushes and various card climbers. In this feature we will look at the 13 underrated wrestlers who need upgrading most.

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TheJacksonRGN1590d ago

Pretty sure the stats were based on how the wrestlers were at the time of development or working on them. IF they get better or worse when the game is pretty much finished you can't expect the devs to change it. Same with entrances, music, attire and such. That takes time. It is not like the just edit the numbers they would also have to increase or decrease actual attributes for the wrestlers.