Rafale M -Vent d'Ange- available as a special drop in Ace Combat Infinity

Available until August 31st only, players will have the chance to get a Rafale M multirole aircraft sporting a black winged angel decal as a special drop simply by just by sortieing out in Online Co-op Missions.

The Rafale M "Vent d'Ange" version, as it is called, isn't part of any special squadrons from the precious Ace Combat games. According to the game's wiki, "The Rafale M -Vent d'Ange- was created under unknown circumstances by the United Nations Forces for use among its mercenaries during Operation Eternal Liberation."

The game's official page in Facebook also indicated in the post that the F/A-18F Event Skin drop is also being conducted at the same time as well.

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