Gaza-Israel video games cause controversy

Several games relating to the Israel-Gaza conflict have been removed from Google's Android store and Facebook, but others remain.

Bomb Gaza - in which players control an Israeli military jet that attacks missile-firing Palestinian militants - is no longer available on the sites.

But Rocket Pride - which sees players attempt to outmanoeuvre Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system - is still available on Google Play.

An advocacy group criticised the games.

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Gaza-occupied Palestine game causes controversy.

Eonjay1568d ago

Not really a controversy. They are a joke after fighting this long. There is not reason to respect the conflict anymore because it is a perpetual war a la Metal Gear Solid 4.

GarrusVakarian1568d ago

"Whack the HAMAS"? Since when are children and civilians HAMAS members?

pastysmash1568d ago

The point of the game was to kill Hamas. Not civilians..

Why are people defending Hamas?

Utter morons.

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One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

The point of this game is to trivialize and whitewash the barbarity and inhumanity we witnessed over the last few weeks.

I believe, and fortunately the majority of Planet Earth, that it is morally unjustifiable to support the state of Israel in this War on Children.

Israel, with its superior military capability capable of some of the most advanced surgical strikes still killed 300+ children and many more adult civilians.

The Four youths playing football on the beach were not Hamas soldiers or fighters from any other Gaza militant group. Yet an IDF military ship bombed them not once but twice in front of international journalists to witness.

You may say, "Well Hamas fire rockets at civilian targets within Israeli territory." This is true. But what exactly can the Palestinians in Gaza do? They are blockaded by Israel and Egypt and rely on underground tunnels to import most of their products. Israel actually moderates food by the calorie and allows just enough so people don't die of Malnutrition. Hamas has repeatedly said they will end firing on Israel if the blockade is lifted.

Would you rather the Palestinians in Gaza continue to suffer in silence or die without a peep? Or would the Palestinians rather resist with a loud voice or die with dignity? I know what I would do if I was living a hellish life in Gaza.

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