Why we think Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner

The release date for space shooter Velocity 2X, Futurlab's highly anticipated follow up to Velocity and Velocity Ultra, has today been revealed on the PlayStation Blog alongside a brand new trailer.

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leahcim1171d ago

I don´t know.

But I can say that the first one is simply perfect. The music, the action, the pace. Just Perfect

Chaz30101171d ago

If you enjoyed the first one, you will love Velocity 2X. I've been lucky enough to have been playing it this last week. It's certainly going to be up there :)

FamilyGuy1170d ago

It looks awesome in videos, I can't wait to play it myself.

r211170d ago

Folks, it called having an opinion, calm your pants. It could be or not GOTY, whatever it will end up, you can bet your butt its gonna be fun and a pain on your thumbs ;D

360ICE1170d ago

Surprisingly, this has so far been the only comments section on N4G to not warrant that comment.

r211170d ago

Eh, might as well post a warning. Things tend to get hectic around n4g. Guess its either calmer these past days or not alot of people seem to care about V2X :L

Chaz30101170d ago

A pain in the thumbs and a lot of fun is an accurate way to describe it!

360ICE1170d ago

Agreed. I'm all for pre-emptive action.

theshredded1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised,this year was shallow for AAA games

tigertron1170d ago

First week of September sounds great. I enjoyed the first game on my Vita so I look forward to playing this on my PS4 and Vita with cross play. :)