Co-founder of Blitz Games talks about taking sides during a console war

Some things never change, and fanboy fights are certainly not new to this generation!

Half of the legendary 'Oliver Twins' (now co-founders of Blitz games), Philip talks about life in the Spectrum camp, and the C64 rivalrly that was held up throughout schools.

With a GV exclusive, Philip Oliver talks about their early success on the Sinclair Spectrum on legendary classics such as Dizzy the Egg.

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LJWooly3838d ago

Yes, but games journalism is a joke now, resulting in misinformed fanboys. So, it's changed in that respect.

boyo3838d ago

Hehe, too true!

Still, it's an entertaining little article. Man I used to love Dizzy the Egg! :)

Tomdc3838d ago

i dont know anything hes on about... to old skool for me =)

Pornlord3838d ago

Well, this gen and last gen are a bit different with the inclusion of Microsoft in the mix. The general consensus from all of my online buddies on both consoles (and I have a lot on 360 and very few on PS3) states that their main concern is that MS is gonna do to our video gaming what they did to our computing. Now that may not seem like a bad thing considering they pushed computers into the hand of the mainstream, but they also took away from the hardcore users little by little. The fact that Vista is just a security risk (especially if you have back up copies of your media on drive that isn't officially licensed by the company, i.e. a digital copy from the movie box) Vista allows large movie companies to actually access your information. You ISP has some say in it, but they can bypass that illegally to gain information on your HD content. That is complete BS. MSDos was something that I grew very fond of, they took that away from me. Most of my fear and the fear of the people I talk to all over the world is that MS is trying to do the same with gaming. Making the experience very multiplayer is a great thing, I commend them for that. But now they are making games that are online only. What of those who have no high speed internet. They are cast out by MS. That's just one example really of why this console war is different. I'm not scared of 360 ruining gaming in the long run, I'm scared of MS ruining gaming by creating a monopoly again. That would be the worst thing for all of us.

RAM MAGNUMS3838d ago

that's what mega corporations do!
they buy everything up, merge everyone together just to make money first & then come up with ways to make it sound like a good desicion.
like taco bell & pizza hut!
it may sound like two restaurants in one store is a good idea but in reality the place smells bad & the quality of the food suffers. Then nobody is surprised that there is somanila all over the kitchen, yet people will still bring thier children there to eat. Informed or misinformed people are just stupid money making slaves for the economy but life desicions are getting harder to make when you have monopolizing companies invest billions to make sure you don't have a real choice.
solution: don't give anyone chances & make companies fight tooth & nail to meet your needs.
thats how leaders are born!