5 Things That Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars Should Feature

Sleeping Dogs was a sleeper hit for Square Enix. While initially the game was silently labeled as a failure due to its slow start in sales and a less than sparkling turnout on the quarterly charts, it turns out that the game's solid design mechanics and core focus on fun-factors and decent storytelling really helped pay off in the end. Eventually Sleeping Dogs became a success and is now labeled as a priority at Square Enix, enabling United Front Games to continue their work on a sequel called Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars.

We don't know much about Triad Wars (after a very vague update on the official website), and that's a-okay. If the team needs time to flesh out the game then we'll give them time... but we'll also give them a few ideas as to what the game might want to focus on as a sequel to one of the more underrated games of seventh-gen.

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funkybudda1567d ago

Nice, this is great news. I really enjoyed the first one, definitely will buy this if they keep the same quality on development.