The PS Vita And The PS4 - The Perfect Couple

IM PLAYIN discusses the PS Vita and the PS4 and why the work so well together.

"I was blown away by the Vita playing a PS4 game, and a beta at that. One of my main problems with handheld gaming is the fact that the bigger games, your Call of Dutys, Battlefields and FIFAs, always feel a bit tacky on them. They seem like a halfway house between a tablet and a games console, so, since owning a Gameboy Colour, I’ve always used a tablet for on the go gaming and a games console for playing at home. The Vita, however, is something completely different, it feels like a games console. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a handheld for some time now, but I’ve finally decided which one I’m going to get. I’ll be getting myself a PS Vita so that I can use it with a PS4, as the remote play connectivity between the two has really impressed me."

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fonger081596d ago

How could this guy not know about remote play lol? I like my vita but wanting to play it comes in spurts. There are just so few games that really appeal to me. Gravity Rush is great... but the entire time I felt like I was missing the something not being able to play it on a tv and with a traditional controller. Killzone is awesome and being able to play Miami Hotline, and older PS1 games in bed is awesome too. Honestly, though, I very very very rarely use the remote play feature. Anytime I use it, I immediately feel the need to go play it on the tv, the transition to the smaller screen can be tough. Playing the likes of BF4 or NBA2k on remote play is, at least to me, significantly harder to see and grasp everything that is going on in the game on a smaller screen. All that being said, I'm really excited to try out Dragons Crown this afternoon through PS+.

Death1596d ago

It would be super cool if Sony decided to support the Vita with Vita specific games instead of constantly trying to shoe horn games made for the big screen on it. It seems the choice is remote play or indie shovelware. I would love to see more in between.

fonger081596d ago

I agree, I think that's sort of the consensus feeling amoung most vita owners. Indies are all well and good, and Killzone did a great job of doing a portable 1st person shooter correctly for the vita, but outside of that, it just feels like they slimmed down larger scale games with the PS3/PS4 in mind, to "fit" the vita handheld.

3-4-51596d ago

Exactly. My 3DS is awesome because I can't play a lot of those games anywhere else.

Same with my PSP.

My Vita is cool too, but not enough appealing games and I don't have a PS4 yet so that part doesn't apply to me as of right now.

* Vita needs more VITA games that are ACTUAL games and not just visual novels or 1st person dungeon crawlers.

Vystrel1596d ago

I played BF4 on my Vita and the whole time I felt that having the thumbsticks not click in was a huge missed opportunity.
Having to press on 4 different sections of the rear touchpad that you can't see to press 4 different buttons is no fun

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Grave1596d ago

I loved playing Destiny beta on my PSVita.

FreakyFox1596d ago

Since a patch for ether PS4 or Vita after Xmas my streaming as been bad, dropping even before the game as started, i am using wired too.

Not quite the perfect couple at the moment it would seem.

Ron_Danger1596d ago

Make sure you're using Nat 2 with your router. The wireless router at my work was set to Nat 3 and I could never connect remote play but we just got a new router that auto set to Nat 2 and I have no problems at all.

Also make sure your Vita is downloading at least 5 mb/s and uploading 2 mb/s.

Hopefully this helps you.

Vystrel1596d ago

Go into the PS4 settings for remote play and select the one that says connect directly to vita.

ShutUpDonny1596d ago

I remote play all the time, but please Sony, make it easier to use a DualShock 4 with the Vita. That's all I want.

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