Let's watch Japanese singer GACKT play video games: XEVIOUS

Japanator: It's kind of weird. Xevious for the Famicom was actually one of my favorite shooting games, but I never noticed how ugly it looks. Not only that, it has to be the most uninteresting game to watch someone play, even someone as gorgeous as GACKT.

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masterfox1595d ago

ok so who the hell is this guy ?, why in hell is appearing so many times on the front page ?

Gh05t1595d ago

I dont know but to me this is the type of content that doesn't belong. We could flood this site with "lets play" style videos from youtube.

Pozzle1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I'm gonna keep posting them because they're official videos sponsored by a big company, not just some random Lets Play found on youtube.
Though I don't know why people are against harmless playthroughs being posted on this site, when far worse flamebait articles, obviously fake rumors, unprofessional reviews with bad grammar/spelling, and countless "Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft have already failed this generation" articles make it to the front page of n4g every single day. If you don't want to watch them, you don't have to click the article in the first place.

WeAreLegion1595d ago

WTF and No this crap. It's getting old.

SniperControl1595d ago

I said the same thing a few weeks ago.

Pozzle1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

So are the countless "Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony are failing" articles. Yet they keep making it to the front page of n4g every single day too.

WeAreLegion1594d ago

WTF and No that crap, too. Hate it!

Mikeyy1595d ago

Who keeps approving it?

The plot thickens....