EpicDome: Destiny Beta: 18 reasons to go next gen.

Emperor Blue Monkey says:"It’s been a week after the Destiny Beta but it’s still okay to declare myself official Destiny mongrel. It was a blast. For years on end, they’ve been eyecandy-ing us and our fellow mud craving Orcs to spend money on the mind boggling super slick-rick Magnus Opum of the creators who’ve been passionate about feeding our blood seeking desire of shooting people between the eyes. Our square eyed friends at Activision and Bungie."

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Paul_JC1565d ago

lol what a repetitive list

JeffGUNZ1564d ago

Yep. It's like a fifteen year old wrote this. It gives only one example of why to upgrade to next gen, graphics. Other then that, it lists nothing. What a joke lol.