Resident Evil is getting an HD Remaster, but needs a reboot

Dealspwn writes: "Still, Capcom has to start somewhere."

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cfc781569d ago

This could be the beginning of Capcom doing just that the series has definitely taken a turn for the worse over the recent years and needs to go back to being a survival horror game I welcome remasters and a remake the RE universe is still one of my all time favourites. (still buzzin about the remaster news can't wait 2015 is looking awesome)

Blues Cowboy1569d ago

Yeah, here's hoping it's the start of a more savvy Capcom who look at what made the original games tick while incorporating new ideas, rather than trying to please everyone in the entire world.

WeAreLegion1569d ago

We asked for a remake of the first. They're giving us a remake of the first. I'm happy about it.

LAWSON721569d ago

I would not necessarily call it a remake. It is a rerelease of a remake that came out 10 or so years ago.

I agree with the article though I think the old RE mechanics are to outdated for a newer audience. Old fans might enjoy it but the games have not aged well, sadly.

ThatEnglishDude1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Who asked for a remaster of the remake?

I'd personally like Capcom to finally realize there's probably going to be more excitement over this re-re-release than any potential action explosion fest Resident Evil 7 and come to the conclusion that fans (what's left of them) want traditional survival horror.

I hope more people play it and that it shows Capcom (once again) that we want survival horror and now boring generic old action games.

InTheLab1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It's not really a remake of the first. It's just another HD port or the GC version, which is an actual remake of Resident Evil 1. All they're doing is the same thing they did last gen which is slap a cheap coat of paint to repackage the game, then selling it at an absurd price.

I bought those "HD remakes" they put out and they are by far the worst of the HD remakes. All they're doing now is calling it a remaster.

marioJP871568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Agreed 100%.
IMO, the only true remaster is Tomb Raider, but it's called definitive. It is the only one that will wow you when you watch it.

spacedelete1569d ago

too bad its download only. it means i'll just wait til it goes free on PlayStation Plus.

Rocky51569d ago

I'm sorry but I don't agree with the controles are outdated, this is the one thing that made you think before entering a room, they made them that way for a reason, to make you panic & crap your self as a hunter is hurtling towards you down a corridor.

Kids now a days have it to easy, check points every 20 steps, save game in the start menu, god unlimited continues! I miss the good old days where you had to master a game to be good.

I just hope they don't modernize this game to much, we need the typewriters & the controles or it won't be resident evil.

I loved RE1 & 2 not so much 3 & loved Code Veronica.

I'm not a fan of RE4, I didn't like the path they were heading & I was right. 5 & 6 were terrible games. I'm glad there going back to the roots of RE.

ShaunCameron1568d ago

The old RE gameplay mechanics are indeed outdated. Most of what you're clamoring for were products of the technology Capcom had to work with at the time they made the OG RE games.

Rocky51567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

The tank controls were a choice the developers made, not a limitation in technology or the engine, like I said above they invoke panic & shit your pants syndrome, because there so cumbersome & they stop you running round the zombie shooting & making the game a doddle.

Its why they kept these controls all the way up to Res5, (maybe in 6 dont know after 5 i lost faith in the Res games) they dont want you running about like a headless chicken shooting everything in site.

Maybe thats what kids now a days want? Cannon Fodder Evil.

I will stick with what I grew up with & what makes the game so shit your pants tastic.

I dont mean to sound like a d*ck so if I do sorry.

Im also sure they added dualshock support into the directors cut.

OrangePowerz1569d ago

Jep, I asked for a HD remaster. Given how 5 and 6 turned out I wouldn't have the confidence in them to do a good reboot.

equal_youth1568d ago

thats it. for once capcom gives us what we want and we should appreciate it maybe they see again what made their games so great in the past

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LordMaim1569d ago

If ever there was an IP that needed a full fledged reboot, it is Resident Evil. It has just gone completely off the rails, to the point where it is just lampooning itself. Take it back to base principles and start again.

Blues Cowboy1569d ago

Agreed, hopefully analysing the original will help them do that!

youndamie1569d ago

Agreed, just don't pull a DMC.

Muzikguy1569d ago

So it is true?! I know another game I'll be getting next year then! I can't believe the article has to talk about Capcom getting reacquainted with the game. They let fame and money get to their heads IMO. I don't know if it even needs a reboot, just end the series and move on.

Also, everyone complains about the controls. I played the originals and loved them. The controls didn't bother me like everyone else says they do. Makes you focus more on what you're doing.

Blues Cowboy1569d ago

"just end the series and move on"

In an ideal world, I'd agree. Capcom have managed to do that successfully before, such as Dead Rising etc.

Sadly, we all know that everyone loves teh sequelz.

Muzikguy1568d ago

I don't like the RE games anymore. I bought 5 thinking it would be cool and was disappointed as hell. I have no idea what came over me thinking 6 would be good. It wasn't. I'll buy this remake though. Only because I never had a GameCube. I know there's emulators and roms out there too, but never made it that far. I hope this game is good! I miss the old RE games.

NiteX1569d ago

I can just barely imagine the horribleness of a Resident Evil reboot. Picture RE6 + the infamous RE Operation Raccoon City. Oh and it would also be handed off to Ninja Theory!

Blues Cowboy1569d ago

Resident Evil 4 was basically a Resi reboot and that was awesome. The key, I think, will be splitting and lowering the 'risk' for shareholders; maybe a downloadable episodic series to test the waters, perhaps the prequel to a full-sized game.

Or something. Either way, reboots don't have to suck. Just look at XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or Fallout 3 for a mechanical (but not canonical) example.

Matt6661569d ago

RE 4 was not awesome it lost all aspects of the survival horror genre and started the action based RE games. If anything RE4-6 should of not been called RE.

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