First Top Spin 3 Wii screenshots

2K Games published the first Top Spin 3 screenshots for Nintendo Wii. Check them out.

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Alexander Roy3839d ago

Sorry, maybe the screens don't do the moving game any justice, but this almost looks worse than Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast back then. The audience is wack graphically wise, the models are jaggy, the animations lack and it overall looks sterile.

SnakeShady3839d ago

looks like a next gen title.

PoSTedUP3839d ago

awwww look at the graphics. did they use 10? no 20 Crayola crayons to make this game?

Imallvol73839d ago

i hear they might have used the whole box!!

PoSTedUP3839d ago

yea a 64 pack! (the one with a built in sharpener)

Intrepid3839d ago

The number of haters on this website astounds me more and more everyday.

PoSTedUP3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

we are more like disliker's with various reasons : P