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From AAA to Indie: Fail or Fortune?

MWEB GameZone writes: We have yet to see an exceptional game from the influx of developers who left AAA studios to form Indies. (Dev, Industry, Nintendo)

HanCilliers  +   389d ago
Star Citizen will be that game
Ballsack  +   389d ago
Resogun is amazing

No mans sky has the hype of a AAA
HanCilliers  +   389d ago
Did devs who left AAA companies create them?
DeusEx-Machina  +   389d ago
Among few other games, Chris Roberts' SC is my biggest hope for gaming.

If this thing succeeds, I hope the gaming world realizes with how little it has learned to be satisfied with.
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HanCilliers  +   388d ago
Aint that the truth
plut0nash  +   388d ago
A game that big needs to succeed though, if it doesn't it'll be a real knock for crowd funded indie titles.
HoldenZA  +   388d ago
Star Citizen looks to be a great game, hopefully it is the one that breaks the mold!
CongoKyle  +   389d ago
What I love about indie games is you get what you pay for/download. AAA Titles love their DLC's waaaaay too much. I guess there are still DLC's for smaller indie games but they're no where near as expensive.
Sillicur  +   389d ago
Chris Roberts from Star Citizen will do that, definately.
plut0nash  +   389d ago
Outlast? The guys who worked on that moved from AAA to indie...
Sillicur  +   389d ago
Oh yeh very good point!
HanCilliers  +   389d ago
Thanks, will update!
HanCilliers  +   389d ago
Outlast was defs a success and a fantastic game, but aimed at a niche genre which means it success was soon forgotten. I look forward to their next project.
rextraordinaire  +   389d ago
George Kamitami?

I mean, VanillaWare is almost indie, right? It's been formed by ex-Capcom / Atlus team members. They're a small team with great ambition, and most of their games are exceptional.

Sure, they get a lot of help from Atlus (which is still a niche publisher / developper), but they're nowhere as big as EA or Ubisoft or even Square-Enix.

Maybe not indie, but certainly not a big blockbuster AAA dudebro studio...
plut0nash  +   388d ago
Interesting, niche seems to be the place to be at for Indie / non-AAA.
Sillicur  +   388d ago
Good point, they are defiantely not big AAA, another great example. Thank you for your response.
plut0nash  +   388d ago
Square Enix still tries to be different, so that's cool. EA and Ubi have a way of sticking to a formula too often.
schmoe  +   388d ago
pity that - it should be the other way around - but i guess with a massive AAA title the funds get distributed to hundreds of folks with a salary. with an indie title, the small team reap huge rewards.

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