From AAA to Indie: Fail or Fortune?

MWEB GameZone writes: We have yet to see an exceptional game from the influx of developers who left AAA studios to form Indies.

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HanCilliers1513d ago

Star Citizen will be that game

Ballsack1513d ago

Resogun is amazing

No mans sky has the hype of a AAA

HanCilliers1513d ago

Did devs who left AAA companies create them?

DeusEx-Machina1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Among few other games, Chris Roberts' SC is my biggest hope for gaming.

If this thing succeeds, I hope the gaming world realizes with how little it has learned to be satisfied with.

plut0nash1512d ago

A game that big needs to succeed though, if it doesn't it'll be a real knock for crowd funded indie titles.

HoldenZA1512d ago

Star Citizen looks to be a great game, hopefully it is the one that breaks the mold!

CongoKyle1513d ago

What I love about indie games is you get what you pay for/download. AAA Titles love their DLC's waaaaay too much. I guess there are still DLC's for smaller indie games but they're no where near as expensive.

Sillicur1513d ago

Chris Roberts from Star Citizen will do that, definately.

plut0nash1513d ago

Outlast? The guys who worked on that moved from AAA to indie...

Sillicur1513d ago

Oh yeh very good point!

HanCilliers1513d ago

Outlast was defs a success and a fantastic game, but aimed at a niche genre which means it success was soon forgotten. I look forward to their next project.

rextraordinaire1513d ago

George Kamitami?

I mean, VanillaWare is almost indie, right? It's been formed by ex-Capcom / Atlus team members. They're a small team with great ambition, and most of their games are exceptional.

Sure, they get a lot of help from Atlus (which is still a niche publisher / developper), but they're nowhere as big as EA or Ubisoft or even Square-Enix.

Maybe not indie, but certainly not a big blockbuster AAA dudebro studio...

plut0nash1512d ago

Interesting, niche seems to be the place to be at for Indie / non-AAA.

Sillicur1512d ago

Good point, they are defiantely not big AAA, another great example. Thank you for your response.

plut0nash1512d ago

Square Enix still tries to be different, so that's cool. EA and Ubi have a way of sticking to a formula too often.

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