AirLive EtherWe-1000U Ethernet Adapter smart choice to increase gaming enjoyment

Designed to be compatible with WiiTM, AirLive EtherWe-1000U is 100% plug-and-play. Internet connection is achieved instantly by connecting AirLive EtherWe-1000U to the USB port of the WiiTM, no additional setups are needed. Another advantage AirLive EtherWe-1000U has over WiiTM built-in WiFi Connection is that it does not require a wireless router to work. AirLive EtherWe-1000U can be connected directly to an ADSL Modem or Router making it a much cheaper method to connect the WiiTM to the Internet. With a transfer rate of up to 100Mbps, AirLive EtherWe-1000U is about 2 times faster than WiiTM built-in WiFi connection. When the WiiTM is connected to the Internet, there will be additional Wii Channels for the whole family to enjoy.

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